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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication Systems

Graco Hydraulic Lubrication Systems

Dyna-Star 10:1

High Pressure Grease Output from Low Pressure Hydraulic Power Source

Dyna-StarFeatures & Benefits:

  • Uses existing low pressure hydraulic power source on mobile equipment.
  • Eliminates the need to use high pressure hydraulic power source.
  • Operates quieter than air driven pumps and doesn't require mufflers.
  • Eliminates the need for air compressor.
  • Lubricates itself for long life and reliability.
  • Mechanical hydraulic changeover is faster and more efficient than timer-based changeover, with less pulsation allowing smoother output pressure, even with long plumbing runs.
  • Two pump lengths to accommodate several custom reservoir and refinery drum configurations.
  • Modules, kits, parts and accessories to make ordering and installation efficient.
  • Combination of time tested and field proven pump motor (Dyna-Star® 5:1) and pump lower (Fire-Ball®) ensures quality and reliability.
  • Modules and kits designed for both injector and divider valve (DV) based systems.
    Typical Applications
  • Front end loaders - 12 cubic yards or higher
  • Mining trucks - 100 ton capacity or higher
  • Shovel fronts
  • Drag lines
  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Cement plant
  • Jaw and gyratory crushers
  • Grinding mill seals
  • Mineral sizers
  • Ship loaders - slew bearings
  • Sludge pumps

Graco Pneumatic Lubrication Systems

Fire-Ball 50:1

Fire-Ball 50:1Pump Module For Graco’s Automatic Lubrication System

  • 50% Greater reservoir capacity than the competition.
  • Bolt down lid with gasket to keep contamination out.
  • Proven reliability with Graco’s 50:1 Fire-Ball grease pump.
  • Rugged 12 gauge steel container with 7 gauge steel mounting base for durability.
  • Large 1/2 npt fill port for easy filling while on the job.
  • Sturdy lift ring for ease of installation.
  • Optional follower plate with flexible wiper for trouble free operation.
  • Modules and kits designed for both injector and divider valve (DV) based systems.

Tough and rugged automatic lubrication system designed for mobile mining equipment


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