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Non Pressurized Fast Fuel Systems

Wiggins Non Pressurized Fast Fuel Systems

Wiggins JNXThe JNX-Series Non-Pressurizing Fast Fueling System
Fast, Clean, and ULTRA-SAFE

The Wiggins JNX non-pressurizing system allows for automatic diesel refueling at up to 211 gpm (800 lpm) with existing Wiggins nozzles and does not pressurize the fuel tank. Shutoff is automatic, fully self-contained, and cannot be overridden. JNX offers top-line quality, performance, and reliability at a competitive price.



The Wiggins ULTRA‐SAFE JNX System

The Wiggins JNX system represents a technological leap forward in non‐pressurizing automatic diesel refueling systems. The JNX system uses conventional pressure‐sensitive fuel nozzles such as the Wiggins ZZ9A1 and ZZ9A2 while providing users with unique FAIL‐SHUT and OVERFILL‐RESISTANT features not matched by the competition.

The Wiggins JNX shutoff valve is FAIL‐SHUT: the spring‐closed main valve can only be opened by a pressure signal from the jet level sensor – if for any reason the pressure signal is lost, the main valve will close, shutting off the flow of fuel into the tank. This ensures that overfilling the tank is not possible even if any part of the jet level sensor or signal hose were to fail.

The unique Wiggins jet level sensor does not have any moving parts to wear out and is thus extremely reliable. The Wiggins non‐pressurizing system uses only external signal hoses, making JNX easy to install and maintain. The JNX system is available in both direct and remote fill configurations.

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JN125The JN125 – Fuel at 135 GPM

Wiggins Service Systems continues to lead the industry with innovative new products. We have recently introduced our second non-pressurized fast fuel system the JN125.

The JN125 allows you to use your existing Wiggins nozzle but does not pressurize the fuel tank.

Easy to Install


  • Several mounting configurations to match vehicle installation
  • Can be mounted on any type of fuel tank including plastic or thin wall tanks
  • Wiggins retrofit installations are as easy as 1-2-3. No tank modification required:
    • Unscrew Wiggins receiver, screw in JN125 receiver
    • Unscrew Wiggins vent, screw in JV125 jet vent
    • Connect the two hoses between the receiver and jet vent
    • You are done in less than 30 minutes!


  • New applications are also easy to install. Multiple fittings and mounting configurations are available. Let Wiggins help you design a mounting configuration to fit your equipment Fast
  • Works with existing Wiggins fueling nozzles
  • Delivers fuel up to 135 GPM
  • Vehicles spend less time fueling and more time working


  • Works with existing Wiggins fueling nozzles
  • Delivers fuel up to 135 GPM
  • Vehicles spend less time fueling and more time working


  • No spill. Dry break coupling
  • Designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Overfill protection prevents fuel spills, reduces costs


  • Most mounting configurations allow fueling to be completed while operator stands on the ground.
  • Reduces risk of worker injury due to slips and falls
  • System is fully vented to atmosphere at all times. No pressure in tank.


JN125 Specification

Rated Flow: 45 to 135 GPM
Operating Pressure: 60 PSIG
Pressure Drop: 11 PSID @ 100 GPM
Disconnect Spillage: 4 cc
Housing Material: Aluminum
Weight: 4.25 LBS