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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Most of these accidents could have been avoided with a Orlaco Camera Solution

The viewing problem

OrlacoSafety is becoming an ever increasing aspect in the industry. All new earth moving machinery has to as of the 1st of December 2008 comply with the ISO 5006 standards. The driver of a large earth moving machinery vehicle has very little visibility of the area around his vehicle. The blind spot areas to the front and rear of the vehicle are the most dangerous areas. The ISO 5006 standards state that the area of up to one metre around the entire vehicle as well as the area of one and a half metres above the vehicle must be visible to the driver.

Presenting the launch of the new innovative AMOS cameras and the new 12" monitor!

New OrlacoA crystal-clear view around all machines, vehicles and vessels in any situation. Increased safety, efficiency, damage reduction and comfort. This is Orlaco's mission, which is why Orlaco continues to innovate, develop technologies and improve its visibility solutions. The result is the launch of three new innovative products. These are the AMOS camera, the AMOS IR LED camera and the 12” monitor.


In addition to the AMOS camera, Orlaco also introduces the AMOR IR LED camera. This camera, which is based on the AMOS camera, is fitted with an adapted lens and fifteen infrared LEDs. The infrared LEDs are activated depending on the amount of surrounding light. The AMOS IR LED camera provides detailed images, day and night. This technology makes this camera system suitable for military appliactions.

12” monitor

The new 12" monitor replaces the 10" monitor. The 12" monitor has a modern appearance and is water and dust-proof. The monitor comes with a new power supply/video cable, making assembly easier and providing a waterproof connection with the monitor. With the 12" monitor you have the option of viewing two images at the same time. This feature is called PIP, which stands for Picture In Picture. You can for instance show one camera full screen and the second camera as a small image in the top left. The position and size of the PIP can be adjusted as you wish. The monitor is exchangeable with existing Orlaco monitors.

ISO 5006 Criteria: This red line must be clearly visible to the driver.

The Orlaco Solution

By installing an Orlaco camera you will solve the vision problem as well as conform to the latest legislation. You will not be able to do this without the help of the cameras.

Click here to download Heavy equipment brochure (This PDF is 4MB and may take a while to download)

Dump Truck


Orlaco viewing systems are particularly suitable for professional use in off road conditions. The camera monitor systems are shock and vibration resistant and guarantee a clear sharp image even under the most extreme conditions. The system is also designed for use in low light. The camera actually has better vision in the dark than the human eye. High quality materials and strict quality controls guarantee reliability and a long product lifespan.


off-road camera 1 off-road camera 2
off-road camera 3 off-road camera 4
off-road camera 5 off-road camera 6

A smart installation of the Compact Camera is made possible due to the matching painted bracket.

The advantages of a camera system:

  • A broader field of vision. A camera sees more than a mirror.
  • Fewer damages. Damages caused by reversing or manoeuvring vehicles are often an underestimated expense in a company. An Orlaco camera system can dramatically reduce these costs.
  • Once only adjustment. The camera is always positioned correctly, no matter what the driver’s height.
  • Excellent vision in rainy conditions. An Orlaco camera system ensures you excellent visibility in rainy conditions. You will not experience any problems with wet or steamed up windows or mirrors.

off-road monitor

What are Orlaco’s distinguishable differences?

  • Many years of experience in camera systems for earth moving machinery.
  • Standard or custom made solutions for every type or model of earth moving machinery.
  • Self-management of product development, manufacturing and service.
  • Total solutions available for a wide range of products.
Driver with Monitor Driver with Monitor


There are a variety of vision solutions available such as front, side and rear vision, depending on the type and model of earth moving machinery. For further detailed information regarding these vision solutions please refer to the 'Trucks' page. Applications that often use Orlaco camera systems are: the articulated arm or boom of the excavator and the bucket. The camera systems ensure an increased efficiency during loading or positioning under a (moving) front loader with a conveyor belt.