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SKF Progressive Pump Units

SKFSKF Progressive Pump Units of the KFG Series

For use in vehicles in automatic oil or grease lubrication systems

General Information

Pump units of the KFG, KFGS and KFGC (CAN bus) series are electrically driven reservoir pump units available with and without an integrated control unit.  The pump provides on-demand lubricant supply to centralized lubrication systems with progressive feeders or single-line distributors on machines, systems and vehicles.  The pump units differ in terms of the size and type of lubricant reservoir, the lubricant filling and their control and function monitoring.  Powerful CAN bus versions allow one unit and a special valve to supply up to four independant zones according to demand.


reservoir pumps



Pump units of the KFG, KFGS and KFGC (CAN bus) series are utilised in oil and grease lubrication systems for on-road and off-road vehicles.  Examples include commercial vehicle (on-road), construction and farm machinery and forklift applications, as well as special purpose vehicles such as container loading devices and deep mining vehicles.


  • Sturdy design with 1 to 3 pump elements
  • Compact and reliable
  • High-pressure technology with agitator is suitable for low working temperatures and standard greases up to NLGI grade 2 and low working temperatures
  • Control unit with memory and system monitoring function
  • Optional CAN bus control for integration in application specific control systems
  • Extensive accessories program with regard to system control options and application specific requirements