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Diesel Nozzles

Wiggins Diesel Nozzles



High rate diesel fueling up to 570 litres per minute

Performance Characteristics

Temperatures: -40F to + 180F

Operating Pressure: 125 PSI

Burst Pressure: 250 PSI

Mates with ZN series fuel receiver

Used by 90% of open field mines, the ZZ9A1 is designed to deliver fuel at rates up to 570 litres per minute. Automatic Shut Off.

Design Features

Dry break, Automatic Shut-off when tank is full. Light weight composite construction

 ZZ9A2 nozzle  


High-flow rate diesel refueling nozzle

211 gpm (800 lpm) maximum flow rate

Automatic shutoff; works with pressurizing and non-pressurizing systems

2" NPT female inlet thread

Durable, dependable Elast-O-Dog latching

Field-replaceable components


Performance Characteristics

Min. Flow Rate 25 gpm (95 lpm)

Max. Flow Rate 211 gpm (800 lpm)

Operating Pressure 75 psig (520 kPa)

Weight 6.10 lbs (2.77 kg)

VR 300 VR300
With similar features as the ZZ9A1 system, but fuels at rates up to 1140 litres per minutes

Designed for very large vehicle with tank sizes over 1,000 gallons. Fuels at 1140 litres per minute.

Design Features

No disconnect interlock. Non-pressurized shut off system

 ZS5 nozzle

 ZS5 Nozzle (Mates with ZN2A)

The ZS5 Bulk Transfer Nozzle is designed to mate with the ZN2 receiver. It can be used to drain a fuel tank for servicing, or to transfer fuel from one tank to another. The end fitting is the same 2-inch NPT female fitting as the ZZ9A1.

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