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Husky 15120 & 2200

Graco introduces the Husky 15120 & 2200 Polypropylene and Kynar

We are happy to introduce the new 1.5" and 2" Husky AODD pumps for the transfer of chemical & corrosive fluids.

These pumps are built to last, work efficiently and avoid leakage of dangerous fluids.

We reach these targets by following features:

  • One-piece center section avoids leakages
  • Polypropylene center section for chemical compatibility
  • Four bolt joint design creates better sealing
  • Reinforced frame makes it stronger and gives a smaller footprint
  • Over-moulded diaphragms are more resistant & last longer

Furthermore these pumps are:

  • Easy to maintain: external air valve and pilot valves
  • Equipped with a modular air valve with less parts to repair
  • Very efficient with a high flow rate
  • These pumps are part of a wide product range of 1/4" until 3" PP and Kynar pumps.
  Husky 15120 Husky 2200

Pump Size 38.1 mm (1-1/2 in.) 50.8 mm (2 in.)
Flow Rate 454 LPM (120 GPM) 757 LPM (200 GPM)


New Accessories for the Dyna-Star Family

Last October Graco launched the Electric Dyna-Star™ (EDS) HP and HF 24VDC Lubrication Pumps. They now have three new accessories to offer as part of the Dyna-Star product family.

The AC to DC Power Converter Box (77X524) enables the use of 110 to 230 VAC power to run the 24 VDC Dyna-Star (only for EDS) HP and HP pumps. By converting AC to DC power, all of the benefits of the DC motor control are maintained. You will still be able to adjust the speed and govern the amperage draw by simply turning two knobs. The converter box comes with mounting and wiring hardware and wiring harnesses to make installations easy and flexible. Easily mount the GLC 2200 (not included) to the converter box and take 24 VDC power from a separate output on the converter for complete control

The Remote Fill Port Manifold with Vent (77X542) is a mechanical device which provides the following benefits:
Conveniently locate the fill port where you want it Visually monitor flow with built in pressure gauge Manual Pull Vent Valve to transfer fill-line pressure to the tank Pressure free decouple fill-line from fill port. Use the filter replacement kit (77X541) to add the additional benefit of 400 micron filtration.

In Line Filter (77X523): compact unit to mount between fill pump and Dyna-Star for ensuring a contamination free refill.

New Lubrication Products

Graco is pleased to announce new products to suit specific applications:

Food and Beverage upgrade kit
(24V837 for the G1 and G3 pumps)

Adding this kit to a G1 or G3 pump will offer the long life corrosion resistance needed in these demanding spray down environments.

Features and Benefits of the Upgrade Kit

  • Contains a Food and Beverage pump element, stainless zerk fitting, and (2) stainless reservoir plugs designed to offer excellent  corrosion resistance.
  • Kit components will easily mount to your G1 or G3 pump. Simply remove the pump element, zerk, and plugs in your current pump, install the upgrade kit, and you are ready to go for these demanding applications.
  • The upgrade kit surpasses the demanding C5-M corrosion protection rating which requires 1440 hours of salt spray testing per ASTM B117.

Dispense Valves

Fluid Dispensing Equipment for Vehicle Maintenance

Graco’s new family of meters and dispense valves fit a wide range of needs from small repair shops to car dealerships, truck, fleet and off-road maintenance facilities. 

  • Complete meter and valve product line
  • Higher pressure options for longer plumbing runs
  • New features to improve your productivity
  • Unmatched reliability and durability 


Heavy-Duty Applications 

Larger Jobs  

 Smaller Jobs   

  •  Mining equipment service shops
  • Construction vehicle maintenance
  • Off-road maintenance shops                 
  • Car and truck dealerships
  • Fleet maintenance shops
  • Public works garages
  • Higher volume dispense in-plant            
  • Smaller maintenance and repair shops
  • Tire/muffler shops and smaller fast lubes
  • Lower dispense volume in-plant

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Fireball Range of Oil Pumps

Fire-Ball 425 6:1Features and Benefits:

  • Non-corrosive air motor design for long life (metal parts made of stainless steel, aluminium and chrome)
  • No metal-to-metal contact means longer pump life and ensures pump will withstand harsh environments
  • Double-acting piston pump provides reliable fluid flow
  • Few moving parts translates into low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Open exhaust port provides continious operation without icing


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Fireball Range of Grease Pumps

Fire-ball 425

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-corrosive air motor design for long life
  • Double-acting piston pump ensures fluid flow
  • Robust grease inlet cage withstands the most abusive handling


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