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SKF Press Release Update

SKF Press Release Update

SKF Group completes acquisition of Lincoln Lubrication S.A. (Pty) Ltd

SKF’s acquisition of South African-based lubrication specialist Lincoln Lubrication SA (Pty) Limited has been approved by the relevant authorities and is now closed.

Lincoln Lubrication SA is a leading lubrication services provider on the African continent and has been a market leader in the supply of complete lubrication systems and equipment for over 22 years. The company is also a prominent supplier of other asset protection management technology including liquid fast fill and fire suppression systems.

The acquisition forms part of SKF’s growth strategy to increase its business footprint in Africa. Alongside lubrication solutions, SKF also sellspower transmission products, seals, mechatronics and mechanical and reliability engineering services, supporting its world-class range of bearing products.

Circulating Systems

Screw-in Restrictors, Metering Valve Distributors, Flow Volume Dividers


A continuous flow of oil is often necessary for the lubrication or cooling of machines or systems requiring large amounts of oil. This flow is produced by gear, gerotor, vane and piston pumps and then distributed to meet the needs of the individual lube points.

The system is very simple if there is only one lube point to be supplied. But if the lubricant is to be delivered to a number of lube points in equal quantities or certain proportions, there are several possibilities entailing different expenses and effects.

It must be remembered that circulating lubrication systems require an oil return line from the lube points to the oil reservoir. Adequate filtering of the oil must be provided for restrictors, especially for small amounts of oil, which are sensitive to dirt.



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SKF Single Line Systems

SKFSKF Single Line Systems for Commercial Vehicles

For fluid grease, NLGI grades 000, 00

Compact units for grease, fluid grease or oil require considerably less hydraulic and electrical installation effort from users than individual components.

All the elements required for a centralized lubrication system to operate are integrated, such as

  • drive motor
  • grease pump unit / oil pump unit with appropriate valves
  • lubricant reservoir
  • electronic control unit
  • pressure switch
  • level switch
  • pressure gauge


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SKF Progressive Pump Units

SKFSKF Progressive Pump Units of the KFG Series

For use in vehicles in automatic oil or grease lubrication systems

General Information

Pump units of the KFG, KFGS and KFGC (CAN bus) series are electrically driven reservoir pump units available with and without an integrated control unit.  The pump provides on-demand lubricant supply to centralized lubrication systems with progressive feeders or single-line distributors on machines, systems and vehicles.  The pump units differ in terms of the size and type of lubricant reservoir, the lubricant filling and their control and function monitoring.  Powerful CAN bus versions allow one unit and a special valve to supply up to four independant zones according to demand.


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