Comprehensive insight into the world of fluid filtration and contamination control for the mining, construction, manufacturing and lubrication industries.

Course Duration:

4 days – certificate of completion.

To obtain unit standard credits, POE to be submitted.

Who Should Attend?

Any person in the mining, construction or manufacturing industries who would like to have a better understanding of filtration. It will be particularly beneficial to;

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Technicians and maintenance personnel
  • Lubrication specialists
  • Those who have influence over the condition of lubricants and hydraulic fluids in use
  • Have a basic understanding of fluid filtration and wants to improve their fluid filtration knowledge and skills

Outcomes Include:

  • Understanding the loss of usefulness in machines
  • Understanding filtration mechanics
  • Practical evaluation of sample taking and patch test analysis
  • Understand fluid cleanliness recommendations
  • Understand the correct filter and media selection process
  • Understand the mechanisms of wear
  • Understand water contamination in oil
  • Understand hydraulic and lubrication system care and proactive maintenance
  • Understand safe work practices
  • Understand lubricants storage and handling


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