Filtration, Separation and Purification

For industrial manufacturing processes and mobile equipment, maintaining a specified level of fluid cleanliness is critical to the operation and reliability of the systems involved.

Pall is the global leader in filtration, separation and purification technologies. Together with Pall, FloSolve offers turnkey filtration as well as system design for all applications where fluids need to be filtered to meet customer and OEM specifications.  FloSolve is the official Distributor for the Pall range of products covering the Machinery and Equipment industry in South Africa and Namibia.

We can help you achieve the process improvements and the cost savings you desire with our unique capability to take responsibility for the cleanliness “inside the machine”, from sub-component supplier…to initial build…to time in service…to the time when the machine is returned from service.

We offer the following Pall Products

ISO Cleanliness Codes Explained

Athalon™ Filters – Filter maintenance made easy

The Athalon™ Filter Advantage

Athalon™ Filters – Keeping Fluids the Cleanest, Longest, for Greatest Value

Introducing Coralon™ Filter Elements

Fluid Contamination 'The Silent Thief'

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