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Athalon™ Filters

Athalon™ Filters


  • Increased flow handling capability
  • Stress-resistant filter medium
  • Minimises static charge generation
  • Coreless / cageless construction
  • Simple to install. Inexpensive to maintain



For hydraulic and lubrication oils Betax(c)≥2000 Rated Stress Resistant Filter Technology (SRT)

The Ultimate in Filter Performance

Pall’s Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil filters combine Betax(c)≥2000 rated, stress-resistant filter technology and a full range of housings to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in the industry today.

Laid Over Pleat (LOP) Filter Media Geometry

  • Maximizes filtration area
  • Increases flow handling capability
  • Reduces filter element size

Stress-Resistant Filter Medium

  • Improves fluid cleanliness consistency
  • Improves performance in ‘real world’ conditions

Anti-Static Construction

  • Minimizes static charge generation
  • Prevents damage to filter element, housing, or fluid due to static discharge

Coreless/Cageless Construction

  • 60% lighter than comparable filter elements with cores
  • Reduces disposal costs (filter elements are incinerable, shreddable or crushable)

Simple to Install and Inexpensive to Maintain

  • Common port and mounting interfaces and cover servicing makes maintenance quick and easy to perform with the minimum of basic tools

Why You Should Choose Athalon Filters

  • 10x better efficiency compared to the common performance standard filter with ßx(c)≥2000 rating
  • Significantly fewer passes required to reach target cleanliness level
  • Reduces equipment maintenance and unscheduled downtime costs

The Athalon Series of Housings

  • High pressure, return line, and in-tank filter designs
  • Pipe, flange, and manifold connection options
  • Simplex and duplex configurations
  • Pressures to 420 bar (6100 psi)
  • Flows up to 1500 l/min (400 USgpm)


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