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Coralon™ Filter Elements

Coralon™ Filter Elements


  • Improved performance, irrespective of age or condition
  • Reduced equipment operating costs
  • Fluid and temperature compatibility
  • Anti-static, greatly reducing static charge build-up



Keeping fluids cleaner, longer, for greater value

Coralon filters represent a significant advancement in equipment protection and are a direct replacement (same form, fit, and function including fluid and temperature compatibility) for current Ultipor filter elements.


  • Direct replacement for Ultipor elements
  • Advanced pack design
  • Stress-resistant media technology
  • Out-to-in flow path*

Innovative Media Performance

Pall’s new series of hydraulic & lube filter elements feature SRT (stress-resistant technology) media for unsurpassed performance and value. Coralon elements provide:

  • Low element pressure drop for small envelope size and long life
  • Optimum performance under system stresses at all stages of filter life for consistently cleaner fluid


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