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Electric Dyna-Star (EDS)

Electric Dyna-Star (EDS)


  • Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs
  • Improve operational safety and maintenance costs
  • One pump, multiple configurations – maintains fleet uniformity
  • Heavy-duty, IP69K and 24VDC, oil and grease


The Dyna-Star HP and HF 24VDC Electric Lubrication Pumps compliment our Dyna-Star 10:1 Hydraulic and Fire-Ball 300 50:1 Pneumatic pump offering.

Now you have three power source options for automatic lubrication systems and transfer applications.

Heavy-duty construction and mining equipment rely on fresh lubricant to flush contaminants from critical pivot points. An automatic lubrication system from Graco provides continuous lube replenishment, reducing expensive component failures to keep your equipment working.


  • Auto Fill Shut Off – mechanical shut off of fill pump for a clean and efficient refill
  • Graco Advantage Drive™–heavy duty gear drive–lubed for life
  • Tube-in-tube vent and fill path–convert drum to injector system instantly
  • Vent valve mounted directly to pump–no more brackets or extra hoses and pipes
  • Motor control–speed and AMP control
  • Cold weather performance (-40º C)
  • More efficient seal replacement
  • Optional AC to DC Power Converter Box
  • Enables the use of 110 to 230 VAC power to run the 24 VDC Dyna-Star HP and HP pumps
  • AC to DC Converter box comes with mounting and wiring hardware making installations easy and flexible
  • Remote Fill Manifold with Vent (with built-in pressure gauge) allows you to conveniently locate the fill port where you want it


Dyna-Star HP and HF Lubrication Pump

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
HF Models
24.1 MPa, 241 bar
HP Models
34.47 MPa, 344 bar
Electrical Requirements
All Models
Wire Terminal AWG Size for Control Board
24 to 10 AWG
Input Voltage Range
24 VDC
18 to 32 VDC
ON/OFF Signal Voltage Range and Current
Voltage Range
5 to 32 VDC
Drive Resistance
Peak Operating Current
24 VDC
Peak Power
24 VDC
Pump Output
HF Models
See Performance Charts in manual
HP Models
See Performance Charts in manual
Weight – Pump Only
35 – 60 lb Tank / Reservoir
22.7 kg
90 – 120 lb Tank / Reservoir
25.0 kg
400 lb Tank / Reservoir
27.2 kg
Wetted Parts
Pump Wetted Parts
steel, polyurethane, acetal, buna-N, aluminum, polyester elastomer
Operating Temperature
HP Models
–40° to 65°C
HF Models
-10° to 65°C
Storage Temperature HP and HF Models
–40° to 65°C
Humidity Level
IP Rating
Audible Sound Pressure*
1000 psi (6.89 MPa, 58.95 bar) Models
70.7 dB(A)
2000 psi (13.79 MPa, 137.9 bar) Models
71.4 dB(A)
3000 psi (20.68 MPa, 206.84 bar) Models
71.4 dB(A)
4000 psi (27.58 MPa, 275.79 bar) Models
71.2 dB(A)
5000 psi (34.47 MPa, 374.74 bar) Models
70.6 dB(A)
Cable Gland Thread
Cable Range
9 – 16 cm
*Sound power was measured per ISO-9614-2.


Dyna-Star® HP or HF Pump Low-Level Indicator Kit; Dip Stick Kit
Low-Level Indicator
Low-level sensor switch
Normally open sensor switch; closes upon low level
Operating temperature range
-45°C to 65°C
Switching power
10 Watt Max.
Switching current
Switching voltage
5 to 32 VDC
Contact resistance
0.150 Ohms-Max.
Body thread
3/4 inch NPT(m)
Wetted parts
nylon coated stainless steel
Crimp tab
stainless steel
Dip Stick
Body thread
3/4 inch NPT(m)
Wetted parts
zinc plated steel


Dyna-Star® HP Vent Valve Kit
Maximum working pressure*
24.1 MPa, 241 bar
*Dyna-Star HP Pump models are rated for 5000 psi (34.47 MPa, 344 bar) maximum working pressure, however, when a vent valve is installed on the HP pump, the maximum working pressure must be reduced to 3500 psi (24.1 MPa, 241 bar).
Inlet/Outlet Sizes
Outlet (marked “0”)
3/8 in. NPT(f)
Inlet (refill-marked “1”)
3/8 in. NPT(f)
Pressure Relief Valve
Factory set pressure
27 MPA, 275 bar ± 10%
Reset pressure
80% of set pressure
Relief Rate (Flow capability depends on viscosity, type of fluid, temperature, etc.)
0.4 liters/minute @ 24.1 MPa, 241 bar
Solenoid Valve
Flow (Flow capability depends on viscosity, type of fluid, temperature, etc.)
0.65 liters /minute
Wetted parts
zinc plated steel, carbon steel, aluminum, fluoroelastomer, polyurethane
1.8 kg
IP rating
Solenoid Coil: Resistance (DC) (Ohms)
24 VDC


Auto-Fill Shutoff Valve for Dyna-Star® HP or HF Pump
Maximum working pressure*
34.4 MPa, 344 bar
Inlet/Outlet Sizes
Outlet (marked “0”)
3/8 in. NPT(f)
Inlet (refill-marked “1”)
3/8 in. NPT(f)
Maximum flow
7.6 liters/minute
Wetted Parts
neoprene rubber, zinc plated parts, stainless steel, chrome plated pats, plastic acetal
Working temperature
-25°C to 50°C


Dyna-Star® HP Pump System
Maximum working pressure*
241 bar, 24.1 MPa
*Dyna-Star HP pump models are rated for a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi (344 bar, 34.47 MPa), however, when a vent valve is installed on the HP pump, the maximum working pressure must be reduced to 3500 psi (344 bar, 34.47 MPa).
Reservoir overflow port size
1/2 inch NPT
Reservoir fill port size
1/2 inch NPT
Lubricant outlet port size
3/8 inch NPT(f)
Reservoir wetted parts
steel, buna-n rubber
Pump wetted parts
See manual 332514, Dyna-Star HP and HF Pump
Vent Valve wetted part
See manual 332519, Dyna-Star HP and HF Vent Valve Kit
Grease Capacity
Models 77X101, 77X103, 77X105
41 kg
Models 77X100, 77X102, 77X104
27 kg
Sound Data
All pumps
See manual 332514, Dyna-Star HP and HF Pump


Fill Valve
Maximum fluid working pressure
34.4 MPa, 344.7 bar
Relief value
34.4 MPa, 344.7 bar ± 10%
Maximum fluid flow
7.57 liters per minute
Outlet port size
3/4 inch NPT
Vent port size
3/8 inch NPT
ISO 7241–1, Series B standard hydraulic quick disconnect, 1/4 inch coupling
Wetted parts
Parts: zinc plated steel parts; Seals: Buna-N
2.3 kg



  • Oil Transfer
  • Grease Transfer
  • Off-road Lubrication
  • Series Progressive Lubrication
  • Single Line Parallel Lubrication
  • Single Line Resistive Lubrication
  • Spray Lubrication

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