G-Mini Pump

G-Mini Pump


  • Designed specifically to fit on small applications with fewer lubrication points
  • Provides consistent machinery lubrication to critical parts automatically
  • Automatic grease lubrication systems can reduce maintenance



Bring the big benefits of automatic lubrication to smaller spaces.

Make the most of your space, budget and machines. The new full-featured G-Mini offers reliable lubrication in a small footprint to fit more types of machines. Use it to simplify everyday maintenance, extend life cycles and optimise up-time. It’s rugged and tough, perfect for handling the 24/7 rigours of any job, big or small. Best of all, it comes with a modest price tag – boosting your productivity and profitability.


  • Follower Plate and Stir Paddle – This unique combination combats oil separation while ensuring the pump element “loading chamber” is always full.
  • Patent-Pending Heater – Pump grease down to -40º C/F when ordered with the heater option.
  • M12 Input – M12 cycle or proximity switch input standard on all pumps with a controller.
  • 5-Wire CPC Power Cable – Multifunction cable supplies power to the pump, pairs with a remote manual run button, and provides low level or cycle fault output.
  • Up to Two Pump Elements – 0.25 in3/min (4 cm3/min), 4,100 psi (280 bar)
  • Easy-to-program controller can be utilised for both time based and cycle based systems and provides low level alert and alarm.
  • Rugged Construction – Designed to withstand the harshest of environments; IP69K rated.

Technical Specifications

Power source
12 VDC or 24 VDC
Fluids handled Grease NLGI 000 to #2
Reservoir Size 0.5 L / 1 L
Output pressure 4,100 psi (280 bar)
Control option No control, controller (time or cycle)
Protection grade IP69K
System Pump to point or series progressive


  • Off-road lubrication
  • On-road lubrication
  • Wind energy

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