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Grease Gun (20V Battery)

Grease Gun (20V Battery)


  • Ergonomic design
  • Optimised electric motor
  • Heavy-duty carry case with latches
  • Convenient LED work light



All models include one battery, battery charger, carrying case and one grease gun complete with delivery hose and grease coupler.


  • Li-ION battery (20 V) grease pump for use with standard grease cartridges or bulk grease.
  • High pressure delivery, up to 700 bar – 10000 psi (Limited to 500 bar with safety valve) and up to 160 g/min (dual flow rate, low and high).
  • Supplied with one high capacity 20 V rechargeable Li-ION battery, 230 V quick battery charger, 1,1 m outlet hose with hydraulic coupler, bleeder valve, filler valve and shoulder strap.
  • Pump is delivered in a heavy duty carrying case with metal latches and padlock ready.
  • Grease gun has a LCD display that provides real time critical information for keeping full control.
  • This display turns red during stall condition, when the gun loses prime or runs out of Grease.
  • It has a convenient LED work light, with On/off control.
  • Optimized electric motor that increases battery life and works with more power for greasing through blocked and dirty grease fittings.
  • Up to 40 grease cartridges per battery charge (see product brochure).
  • Durable pump design with quality components provide a long and reliable life and with overpressure and overload protection.
  • Ergonomic design with well balanced weight that reduces fatigue during long runs and with soft grip for maximum comfort.
  • Fast recharge batteries, less than 90 minutes (2 Ah model).
  • This model has 2 Ah battery pack.


Battery Li-ION
Maximum outlet pressure 700 bar (10 000 psi)
Weight 3.2 kg
Current 2 Ah
Fluids Grease
Delivery 160 g/min
Power 20 V

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