HNP075 Oil Purifier

HNP075 Oil Purifier


  • High performance water, gas and particulate removal
  • Extension of fluid service life
  • Minimised corrosion within systems
  • Reduced fluid disposal




Water in hydraulic, lubrication, power transmission and insulating fluids adversely affects fluid performance and is a threat to system reliability.

The ‘Pall’ HNP075 Series Oil purifier is designed for use with medium to large oil systems, particularly where high viscosity fluids are employed. The Pall HNP fluid conditioning purifier uses vacuum dehydration to remove 100 % free water and as much as 90 % of dissolved water. It will also remove 100 % of free and entrained gases and up to 80 % dissolved gases.

Vacuum dehydration is the most effective method of water removal at minimum cost and ease of use.

Unlike other methods, it removes both free and dissolved water and cannot burn or otherwise significantly alter the properties of the oil. Particulate contaminant removal is achieved using high performance rated Ultipleat® SRT filter elements. In addition, a water sensor measures water content and temperature at the purifier inlet, allowing the purifier to operate only when the water content rises above a pre-determined level.

Select the HNP075 oil purifier for:

• High-performance water, gas, and particulate removal

• Extension of fluid service life

• Minimized corrosion within systems

• Reduced fluid disposal

• Reduced operating costs

• Increased equipment reliability

• Simple automated operation

• Remote monitoring option

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