Husky 3300E Electric-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps


  • Up to 80% energy reduction vs pneumatic option
  • Runs dry, stalls under pressure, and self-primes
  • Highest quality component materials



High Flow. High Efficiency.

Graco’s proven quality and leading technology will keep you pumping longer. Husky EODD pumps are on the cutting edge of pump technology, providing you a significant decrease in operating costs and more control over your process.

The brand new Husky 3300E is now available. It offers a cost-efficient solution for companies that want to follow the trend towards an efficient, environmentally friendly industry. Moreover, this electric alternative eliminates the huge costs related to a compressor and has many seat, ball and diaphragm configuration options.

The wetted section is available in aluminium, polypropylene or stainless steel. Moreover, the pump comes in centre flanged and centre threaded version, both in bspt or npt.

Benefits of the Husky 3300E double diaphragm pumps

  • Powerful. Flow rates up to 220 gpm.
  • Efficient. Up to 80% reduction in energy used compared to pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
  • Reliable. Manufactured and assembled with long wear components.

The supreme choice in industrial fluid transfer

  • Flow rates up to 833 lpm (220 gpm)
  • Up to 80% energy reduction vs. pneumatic
  • Runs dry, stalls under pressure, and self-primes
  • Highest quality component materials

Robust construction

  • Multiple material options to transfer any industrial fluid
  • Modular design uses same long-life elastomers as AODD
  • Transfer solids, slurries, and abrasives without damaging the pump or shearing your material


Husky Electric Double Diaphragm Pump
Maximum fluid working pressure 0.55 MPa, 5.5 bar
Air pressure operating range 0.14 to 0.55 MPa, 1.4 to 5.5 bar
Air inlet size 3/8 in. npt(f)
Maximum suction lift (reduced if balls don’t seat well due to damaged balls or seats, lightweight balls, or extreme speed of cycling) Wet: 9.4 m, Dry: 4.8 m
Maximum size pumpable solids 12.7 mm


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