Lube Master Electric Pump

Lube Master Electric Pump

Built for severe-duty environments and demanding applications. Easily customisation. Several reservoir choices and accessories.

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The Lube Master is a rugged pump package designed for demanding applications. The adjustable output and anti-friction drive bearings make it both reliable and efficient. Rugged cast iron main body and heavy-duty internal components deliver consistent performance in harsh applications. With several reservoir choices and accessories to choose from, the Lube Master pump can be easily customised to meet virtually all application needs.

The Lube Master piston is operated by an eccentric connected to a drive shaft. This drive shaft can be driven by the gear reducer/electric motor drive, the clutch drive option, or directly coupled to a rotating shaft.


  • Adjustable output
  • Broad output range
  • Simplified construction
  • Hardened steel piston in steel sleeve
  • Soft-seat outlet check valve
  • Modular components
  • Driven by an electric motor (gear drive) or by a rotating or oscillating movement (clutch drive)


  • Series Progressive Lubrication
  • Single Line Parallel Lubrication

Typical Fluids Used:

  • Oil
  • Grease up to NLGI #2

Technical Specifications

Cycle Rate
1-175 Strokes per minute
Output Volume per Minute 0.01-8.62 in3
(0.16-143.41 cm3)
Max Output Pressure 5,000 psi (340 bar)
Material Plastic or Metal, Cylindrical
Reservoir Size Oil – 12 pint, 20 pint, Grease – 12 lb, 20 lb
Motor 115/230 VAC, 230/460 VAC

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