Marksman Series Filters


  • High flow capacity
  • Precise filtration performance
  • Eliminates contaminant falling into the downstream section
  • Flexibility to use bag filters or cartridges
  • Wide chemical compatibility



Marksman™ Series filters combine the performance advantages of cartridge filters with the ease-of-use of bag filter systems, offering a unique combination of benefits and economics in a cost-effective alternative to bag filters.

Ease of Use

Marksman Series filters easily retrofit into existing Size 1 and Size 2 bag housings. One Size 2 Marksman filter replaces up to 16 standard 10 in (25.4 cm) filters, making change-outs quick and easy.

The user-friendly design eliminates the need for tube guides, springs, or compression plates resulting in simple maintenance, faster filter change-outs, and reduced system downtime.

Inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures that the unwanted particles are trapped within the element. This significantly reduces the possibility of contaminating the clean, downstream side of the filter housing during element change-out.


Marksman Series filters can be used during normal process conditions, whereas bag filters may be used for short periods of time during upset conditions.

Similarly, Marksman filters can be used for critical batches, while bag filters may be used for less critical production runs. Marksman Series filters can also be used as a complementary technology to existing bag filters.

Lower Operating Costs

The high surface area and resulting long service life translate into fewer cartridge change-outs and lower disposal costs. One Marksman filter offers the equivalent filter life and filtration performance of 10 standard 10 in. (25.4 cm) filters, thus delivering additional savings on filter purchases.

Marksman filters provide:

  • The unsurpassed consistency of contamination removal
  • High-porosity for maximum dirt-holding capacity
  • A wide range of filtration medium materials (polypropylene, nylon and glass media)
  • Customized products for specific applications

In-plant Applications include:

  • Parts washing
  • Machine tool coolant
  • Make-up water, pre-and post-RO
  • E-coat filtration
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Water and oil-based metalworking fluids
  • Wash rinses and baths

Marksman Filters are available in four media configurations

Marksman PFT Series Filters

Marksman PFT filters are constructed of ultra-thin, proprietary melt-blown Poly-Fine® filter media. These high surface area, pleated, polypropylene filters deliver extremely long service life and are ideal for classifying filtration and for capturing non-deformable (solid) particulate.

Marksman XLD Series Filters

Marksman XLD (eXtended Life Depth) Series filters have a unique pleated depth configuration. They feature a thicker, multi-layered pleat pack that combines the best of pleated and depth technologies into a single cartridge. Marksman XLD filters are ideal for applications where the long life of a pleated filter is desired, and the presence of deformable particles (gels, fibres, etc..) requires the use of depth media.

Marksman DFN Series Filters

Marksman DFN filters are constructed of micro fiberglass Duo-Fine® media. These 6 in. (15.2 cm) diameter filters have a wide chemical compatibility, are available in a variety of filter grades and offer long service life.

Marksman NXA Series Filters

Marksman NXA filters utilize the same proprietary CoLD Melt technology found in the Pall Nexis Filter range. The unique Co-located Large Diameter fiber construction produces a fiber matrix with excellent structural integrity to assure that the media does not shift, compress, or unload captured contaminant.

The proprietary melt-blown depth filter exhibits precise particle removal efficiencies, excellent consistency, and exceptional void volume for high contaminant-holding capacity.

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