Meltblown Filters


  • High particle load capability
  • Longer filter life
  • Fewer paint defects caused by ferrous metal weld contaminants
  • High flow rates



Pall solutions for this application incorporate the needs of the automotive industry including high flow rates, durability for fewer change-outs, and high particle load capability.

Pall product offerings are comprehensive, including filter vessels, filter cartridges, bag filtration, and ferrous metal separation. Pall Marksman range offers the efficiency and performance of depth cartridges while fitting into bag applications. For longer filter life, less labour, and fewer paint defects caused by ferrous metal weld contaminants, Pall offers the FerrX 5000 magnetic separator.


Filter Bags

For a standard to premium bag applications, Pall offers a variety of options.

  • Standard Grade – high-quality bag filters capable of high-solid loading
  • Polyweld – welded seam bags eliminate bypass through needle-woven seems
  • POEX  (polyester) / PEEX (polypropylene) – extended life performance against gelling and particulates of various shape it has a coarse pre-filter layer offering greater depth, a micron rating of 5-100 (POEX) and 1-100 (PEEX), glazed finish, and twice the standard dirt holding capability of standard bags
  • MAX PONG – heavy duty bag filters for continuous operation, it features a seamless polypropylene microfiber insert and when used with a welded seam cover and PolyLoc hermetic ring seal, has four times the dirt holding of standard polypropylene bags.
  • PolyFold – extended life felt filter bag it has 240% more surface area than standard bags. A polypropylene center tube supports the media and it can fit standard bag baskets.  It also features the PolyLoc ring seal.


Marksman Cartridge Filters

Combining the performance of depth cartridge filters to the ease of use of bag filters, Marksman is designed to improve fluid quality while not adding to system complexity. Marksman is flexible and is offered in medias including polypropylene, nylon, and glass and customizable for specific applications. These filters also fit existing Size 1 and Size 2 bag housings making retrofitted upgrades easy.

As the Marksman operates similarly to a bag system, contaminants are kept trapped and upstream of the nozzle during replacement. The filter has enough built-in rigidity so as to eliminate the need for internal springs or guide plates.

Marksman offers improved cost and labour efficiencies as the high surface area and long life of one filter can equal the performance life of up to 10 standard 25.4 cm / 10 in bag filters.


FerrX 5000 Magnetic Separator

Weld balls and spatter common to body-in-white units prior to bathing can overload filtration elements. Pall solution to this problem is the FerrX 5000 phosphate pre-treat system capable of removing 50 pounds / 23 kilograms of ferrous metal particulates per day while eliminating more than 50% of defects caused by ferrous metal contamination on electro-coated surfaces. 90% of ferrous metal particles that pass through the system are captured.

Using rare earth magnets in the fluid stream, the system traps these contaminants. It further reduces labour with its self-cleaning cycle, purging the captured particles into a waste stream for collection without needing time-consuming maintenance or disassembly.


Filter Vessels

Available for cartridge and bag filtration, Pall offers metal housings in sizes ranging from single element cartridge or bag housings to multiple element bag units with easy open and change-out lids. Plastic single element housings are available that can convert from cartridge to bag applications. Pall also carries drum filters for fine final phase filtration, compact single element bag filters, and strainers.


Filter Cartridges

Pall offers a variety of filter cartridges for pre to final filtration stages.

Depending on the applications and the fluids (water, chemicals, and process), they are available in different configurations: depth filters (Profile II series), conventional or laid-over pleat geometry filters with depth medium.

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