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Millipore Patch Test Kit

Millipore Patch Test Kit


  • Identify wear debris
  • Schedule corrective action
  • Identify abnormal levels of contamination



Did you know that new oil can contain traces of contamination?

Misconceptions about oil cleanliness often arise from underestimating how easily it can fall out of specification. Even when oil looks clean, it can hide contaminants that aren’t immediately visible. It is essential to understand that even tiny particles can significantly affect both the oil’s performance and the machinery it lubricates.


Since contamination in oil can compromise the lifespan of your machine, be sure to conduct an oil analysis before introducing any oil into your system.

The PALL Patch Test Kit provides a rapid, visual indication of the cleanliness level of your oil. This invaluable analysis tool should be a key component in your preventative maintenance program to provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding your critical machinery.


Benefits of the PALL Patch Test

  • It provides a visual assessment and analysis of the fluid sample.
  • It offers rapid evaluation of the cleanliness levels.
  • It helps to identify the type(s) of contaminants found in the fluid.


Training can be provided

Important: The quality of your oil analysis can only be as good as the quality of your sample. It is critical to take a sample that is representative of the fluid contained in your system. With this in mind, FloSolve can provide assistance and training on fluid patch testing.


Millipore Patch Test Kit Contents

Label No Description Label No Description
1 Microscope with 3.0MP digital camera & accessories 10 Comparison photo book
2 Vacuum pump 11 Clear suction tube
3 Vacuum flask 1L 12 Pump for pressure sprayer
4 Filter holder kit, 250mL funnel & holding clamp 13 Adjustable wrench
5 Plastic beaker 500mL 14 Mini LED torch
6 Plastic funnel 66mL 15 47mm membranes 1.2μm
7 Rinse dispenser – Pressure sprayer kit 16 47mm membranes 3μm
8 25mm membranes, 1.2μm 17 47mm membranes 5μm
9 Forceps 18 Petri dish

ISO Cleanliness Codes Explained

Fluid cleanliness is measured using the ISO 4406:21 reporting standard, which provides a standardised framework for assessing the cleanliness or contamination levels of lubricants used in machinery. Watch the video below to understand ISO Cleanliness Codes.

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