Millipore Patch Test Kit


  • Identify wear debris
  • Schedule corrective action
  • Identify abnormal levels of contamination




The way a sample is collected, the accessories used and procedures followed dictate how informative the oil sample will be and how beneficial the analysis will be. That is why it is of great importance that the sample be taken correctly.

Fluid contamination is a leading cause of slower performance, erratic operation, lost productivity, higher operating costs and catastrophic failure of machines. If the oil sample taken is not representative of the oil in the machine then the results of the oil sample will not accurately reflect the condition of that component.

The result will be an incorrect diagnosis based on incorrect analysis because of a poorly taken sample.

Establishing effective, user-friendly oil sampling procedures helps to build an oil analysis programme that creates value through better maintenance decisions.

The practice of transferring suspended particles to the surface of a membrane for analysis has been around for decades. It is perhaps the earliest method for inspecting solid contaminants and wear debris in a used sample of oil. The simple patch test enables the technician to quickly identify abnormal levels of contamination and wear debris so that corrective actions can be scheduled accordingly.

One of the main benefits of this method is its:

  • low cost
  • simplicity
  • portability

A sample of oil is pulled through a 1.2 or 5 micron membrane by a vacuum pump after the sample is diluted in solvent. Particles larger than the pore size remain on the membrane’s surface for later inspection. Low power microscopes can be used for this, but often the patch is simply examined without magnification using patch comparators.

Millipore Patch Test Kit Contents

Label No Description Label No Description
1 Microscope with 3.0MP digital camera & accessories 10 Comparison photo book
2 Vacuum pump 11 Clear suction tube
3 Vacuum flask 1L 12 Pump for pressure sprayer
4 Filter holder kit, 250mL funnel & holding clamp 13 Adjustable wrench
5 Plastic beaker 500mL 14 Mini LED torch
6 Plastic funnel 66mL 15 47mm membranes 1.2μm
7 Rinse dispenser – Pressure sprayer kit 16 47mm membranes 3μm
8 25mm membranes, 1.2μm 17 47mm membranes 5μm
9 Forceps 18 Petri dish

Fluid Contamination – The Silent Thief

This video, “Fluid contamination – The Silent Thief,” details the importance of following strict procedures and guidelines to keep your engines and components clean so you can maximize machine productivity and component life.

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