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Model 777 – Gen 2 Arc Warning Light

Model 777 – Gen 2 Arc Warning Light


  • Offers a unique “keep out zone”
  • Increase visibility and prevent accidents
  • Compact in size and defined in light projection
  • Safeguard staff from moving vehicles


Don’t trust an inferior light – it could cost you in the end.

The Model 777 offers a unique “keep out zone” safety light in a sleek and practical design. This LED safety light is designed with various types of safety applications in mind, including forklifts, work trucks, construction vehicles, farm equipment, and more. They are available in three different colour configurations (Red, Green, and Blue) to create the best solution for each industry and application.


Safety Lighting Package

J.W. Speaker offers a safety lighting package, designed to help both your operators as well as your workforce on the floor, adding safety precautions and visibility. For a 360 safety solution, mount one in the front and one in the back. It can be combined with linear safety light as well.


  • High-powered LED safety light creates keep-away zones
  • Compact and easy to install using a pedestal mount
  • Precise beam patterns in red, blue, and green
  • Sleek design; weather-proof; excellent thermal management
  • Voltage ranges: 10-80V, suitable for various types of applications
  • GEN 2 is more compact than our Model 777 GEN 1 Arc Warning Light
  • GEN 2 Arc Warning light has a more compact beam pattern and is 50% brighter than our first generation
  • Long-lasting design:
  • A durable Polycarbonate lens minimizes environmental damage, and the internal components are fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration, and corrosion resistance.

Mounting Pattern

The brightness (Lux) and pattern size will vary based on the mounting height.


Don’t trust an inferior light – it could cost you in the end. Model 777 is a reliable universal safety light that can be used in a variety of different applications. It creates a safety zone that is highly visible to keep employees and pedestrians away from moving vehicles. This is the safety solution you have been looking for!


  • Industrial
  • Material Handling








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