PhaseSep Liquid / Liquid Coalescers


  • Separation of Ultra-Low IFT Emulsions
  • Reduces particulate concentration
  • Decreases stability of the liquid / liquid emulsion



Improved Fluid Quality and Value

Pall PhaseSep® liquid/liquid coalescers, give you far greater coalescing efficiency, capacity and contaminant removal than traditional coalescers or other conventional separation techniques.

The inability to efficiently separate liquid/liquid emulsions can be a very costly problem in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Liquid contamination can cause final products to be off-specification, rapid deactivation of downstream catalysts, corrosion of downstream storage facilities, and increased costs for wastewater treatment.

Separating liquid/liquid dispersions can be difficult depending on the physical properties of the two liquid phases. The specific gravity, viscosity and interfacial tension (IFT) of the two liquid phases are important parameters in determining how easy two liquids can be separated. Conventional coalescers begin to lose efficiency when the IFT gets below 20 dyne/cm.

In addition, efficient separation is a function of the compatibility of the liquids with the coalescer medium. A good coalescing medium is not necessarily compatible with the liquids and a compatible medium is not necessarily a good coalescing medium.

Pall’s PhaseSep® coalescer is available in several types of high efficiency coalescing medium which ensures that a Pall coalescer can be specified for virtually any liquid/liquid separation application in the oil, gas and chemical industry.


  • Unique stacked element design – separator and coalescer in one unit
  • Large diameter fluoropolymer media; performance not impaired by the presence of surfactants or fuel additives
  • In-to-out flow direction
  • Wide fluid compatibility

Typical Applications

  • Removal of carried-over caustic from refinery fuels downstream of caustic treating processes
  • Separation of oil from water
  • Removal of water and caustic from online analyser sampling systems
  • Separation of water from hydrogen peroxide working solutions
  • Separation of hydrogen peroxide working solutions from hydrogen peroxide
  • Removal of carried-over amine from hydrocarbon downstream of a liquid/liquid amine contactor
  • Removal of oil from ammonia
  • Separation of pyrolysis gas from quench water in ethylene plants

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