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Pumpmaster 45 – 70:1 ratio grease pump

Pumpmaster 45 – 70:1 ratio grease pump


  • Air operated piston pump
  • High pressure delivery
  • Ideal for extra pressure output
  • Suitable in large distribution systems



Heavy Duty Grease Pumps

Pneumatic piston grease pump – 70:1, 185 KG.


High pressure double acting pump for use in applications that require extra pressure output or when cold temperatures or low air pressure could limit pump performance. Pumps can be used with grease up to NLGI-2 viscosity. These pumps can be used in large distribution systems that include simultaneous operation outlets.

Pumps are available for cover mount to 50 kg and 185 kg open drum and for horizontal and side mount on grease totes and bags.

Air consumption at 5 bar (70 psi) air pressure, NLGI-2 grease at 20 °C and 80 cpm. Noise level measured at 1 m from the pump, 7 bar (100 psi) air pressure and free delivery.

Fluids handled

  • Grease up to NLGI-2

Markets served

  • Heavy-duty service shops
  • Fleets
  • Lube trucks
  • Mining and construction
  • Rail road and mass transit
  • In-plant
  • Marine


Pumpmaster 45
Wetted materials UHMWPE, Cast iron, PTFE, Steel, NBR, Hard chromed steel
Air consumption 925 NL/min (32.6 scfm)
Weight 25 kg
Pressure ratio 70:1
Pump mounting 185 kg (400 lb) drums
Air motor effective diameter 115 mm
Maximum free flow delivery (SI) 7.5 kg/min
Delivery 2 kg/min
Air pressure operating range 1.5 – 7 bar (20 – 100 psi)
Total height 1357 mm
Noise level 80 dB
Air motor stroke 100 mm
Cycles per minute (aprox.) 80 cycles

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