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RAM 4×4 Pre-Filter For Mining Fleets

RAM 4×4 Pre-Filter For Mining Fleets


  • Reduce downtime
  • Extend filter life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • No moving parts



The new CFT pre-filter for LDV’s extends the life of the air filters by more than 8 times.  This is an aerodynamically designed inlet with a built-in cassette with an array of high-efficiency axial cyclones to replace the original inlet on your Safari Snorkel inlet system.

Dusty mine

Mining Environments are extremely dusty!

Tests conducted in very dusty conditions indicated that filters were replaced every 7 000km. However, with the CFT RAM 4 x 4 pre-filter installed, the air filter was still clean at 47 000km!

  • Remove 93% of impurities before the air reaches the air filter
  • Extended life of standard filter media
  • Reduce engine wear and engine failures
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Guaranteed Cost Savings

Why do you need the RAM 4 x 4 Pre-Filter?

By fitting this pre-filter, the dust load onto the engine’s air filter is reduced 8-10 times, reducing costly air filter changes and therefore reducing maintenance.

This means less downtime, improved fuel efficiency and guaranteed savings.

Fleet discounts available – We offer bulk discounts on orders of 10 units for more.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply the snorkel, only the pre-filter.


How does the RAM 4 x 4 Pre-Filter work?

Inside the housing, is a cassette, consisting of 2 aluminium plates, sealed off with a shroud in the middle and a plastic dustbowl at the bottom that is kept in place with a spring-loaded wire. This cassette contains 16 or 30 axial patented cyclone tubes.

These 16 or 30 tubes are identical and consist of 3 parts:
1) Vortex generator.
2) Tube.
3) Mouthpiece.

The vortex generator and the mouthpiece are fitted in the tube aligning them perfectly. As engine sucks air through the inlet Snorkel and fitted RAM 4 x 4 Pre-filter, dust-laden air is forced to follow the curves of the 4 bladed vortex generator, this induces a swirl and due to centrifugal force, the dust particles are forced to rotate close to the inner wall of the tube.

Due to the axial flow through the tube, the dust keeps on rotating close to the inner wall as it moves to the back of the tube where the smaller diameter mouthpiece is situated. Being of smaller diameter than the tube, most of the dust particles bypass the mouthpiece to be ejected at the end of the tube at a scavenge opening by the centrifugal force.

Once they are out of the tube, they are subjected to gravity and falls through the cassette, to be collected in the clear dust bowl.
With an average efficiency of 93% (based on SAE Coarse dust) the dust load on the air filter is reduced dramatically, resulting in extended life.

Can the RAM 4 x 4 Pre-Filter be fitted to any “Snorkel” system?

It can be fitted to any inlet with the following provisions:
1) The inlet must be of the circular type with an outside diameter of 101 mm or 89 mm.
2) The inlet must be vertical.

What maintenance is required on the RAM 4 x 4 Pre-Filter?

The product has no moving parts that can “wear out”. The dust bowl has to be emptied when the dust level reaches the maximum level as indicated by the red sticker on the bowl. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply the snorkel, only the pre-filter

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