Red 1000 Series Filter Elements


  • Long service life
  • Low pressure drop
  • Highest rated removal efficiency
  • High performance and low operating costs



Keeping Fluids Cleaner, Longer, for Greater Value

Pall® Red 1000 Series Filter Elements are targeted for applications where customers want the quality and performance of Pall filters but do not wish to replace their existing housings.

Red1000 filters with Coralon® filter media remove harmful particulate contaminants to extend component life, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. These filters are available in multiple micron ratings to fit in a wide range of filter housings from manufacturers including Hydac, Parker, Schroeder, Donaldson, and others. Pall Red 1000 filter elements are a smart choice for system protection requirements.

Red 1000 filter elements feature Stress Resistant Media Technology (SRT) to provide:

•        Beta > 1000 filtration efficiency for protection of critical system components

•        Consistently clean fluid throughout filter service life

•        Low clean differential pressure for reduced energy consumption

•        Competitive pricing

Red 1000 filter elements typically have lower clean Differential Pressure (DP) values than the products they replace, helping to lower energy consumption throughout the filter element’s service life. This is due to the lower amount of energy required to drive the fluid flow through the filter element.











Switching to Pall is simple

Pall Red 1000 filter elements fit directly into existing filter housings without the need for adaptors, in both low and high collapse pressure designs. For element styles containing an integral bypass valve, both fixed and reusable bypass valve options are available.


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