SUPRAdisc™ VRFII Varnish Removal Filter Trolley


  • Improve fluid filterability properties
  • Remove gel and colloids
  • Remove free water (in small quantity)
  • Retain fine contaminants at high loading rate



Fluid Conditioning Unit

The Pall® VRFII varnish removal trolley is a portable off-line filter unit designed to reduce or eliminate the presence of vanish in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Varnish is the thin, insoluble film deposit that forms on oil-wetted surfaces inside a hydraulic or lube system, such as bearings and servo valves.

When varnish forms, the effects can be devastating to the operation and availability of the equipment, and may include:

  • Sluggish controls and servo valve stiction
  • Costly downtime from unscheduled outages
  • Start-up delays from unresponsive control systems

The demand for reliability, availability, and seamless operation of today’s fluid systems requires an efficient, easy, and reliable method for removing varnish not only from the oil, but also from the wetted metal surfaces inside the machine.

Varnish Removal

Varnish in hydraulic or lubrication fluids can be effectively removed or reduced to acceptable levels by passing the fluid through the on-board SUPRAdisc II filter module.

SUPRAdisc II filter modules feature an innovative design incorporating a double separator concept, whereby the filter medium and separators are stacked on a central core and compressed to produce a stable high strength unit

Each sheet of filtration medium is individually sealed and separated resulting in close to 100% effective filtration area that is dimensionally stable during shipment and handling, filtration and maintenance.

In addition to removing varnish, the SUPRAdisc filter module can:

  • Improve fluid filterability properties
  • Remove gel & colloids
  • Remove free water (in small quantity)
  • Retain fine contaminants at high loading rate.


Filtration, Purification, Reduction, Separation

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