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Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation Solutions


  • Extended filter life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced maintenance / operational costs
  • No moving parts


A range of filter solutions available with a choice of three different vortex tubes to suit various requirements for general ventilation in the mining and industrial sectors.

The CFT filter systems are manufactured according to each specific requirement and application. Our high-efficiency vortex tubes are normally used as pre-filters on the inlet of a pocket filter system.

Our filters are manufactured from mild steel, sheet metal, that is powder coated, inside and out, to ensure longevity and to be able to meet and exceed the demands associated with tough environmental conditions.

The interface of our filters is designed to require no fabrication during installation. No daily maintenance is required if scavenge components are functional, apart from weekly inspections, to ensure scavenge components are in good order. When the non scavenge system is used the dust hopper must be emptied at regular intervals.


Active scavenge by means of a blow through system or fan. (No serviceable scavenge bowl.)



  • Extends media filter life vastly, which enables extended service intervals.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Reduce the cost of ownership of equipment.
  • Reduce possible failures due to possible incorrect fitment of media filters.
  • No moving parts in the filter unit




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