At FloSolve we understand that there is a time when purchasing new equipment makes financial sense and there are times when the refurbishment of an existing piece of equipment is as effective. We are always looking for ways of adapting our product offerings to be aligned with our customers purchasing needs and budgets.

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Introducing Our New Cost-Effective Wiggins ZZ9A1R Nozzle Refurbishment Program

How does it work?

  • First, we assess your current ZZ9A1 nozzle to confirm if it is suitable for our refurbishment program.
  • Typically, the aluminium housing and actuating (flow) handle is set aside to be reused, everything else is replaced.
  • The actuating (flow) handle and housing are sandblasted and powder-coated
  • The red pins attached to the actuating (flow) handle are re-anodized.
  • The serial number is logged and captured on our database for traceability.
  • Then all the new OEM spares are built back into the nozzle.
  • It undergoes pressure and flow testing and a QA (Quality Assurance) certificate is issued.
  • Rebuilt warranty of 6-months apply.

Your ZZ9A1R Nozzles will be brand new again!

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