Diesel & Lubrication Off-loading & Dispensing Filtration System

BHP Billiton HMM Diesel Filtration System

BHP Billiton’s Hotazel Manganese Mines (HMM) Mamatwan is located in the Kalahari Basin in the Northern Cape Province and produces manganese ores and integrated ferroalloys. HMM is one of the largest single producers of manganese ore in the world.

Manganese is an indispensable element in the manufacturing of steel, which in turn is an essential material in many industries including construction and transportation. Its use in the steel-making process results in increased strength, resistance and machinability.

Remove contaminants in the process of filling bulk tanks

Flosolve was commissioned by BP South Africa to supply, install and commission a diesel and lubrication off-loading and dispensing filtration system at BHP Billiton’s HMM Mamatwan. The system is designed to filter diesel and lubricant product delivered by suppliers to remove contaminants in the process of filling bulk tanks. The off-loading filtration system ensures clean diesel and lubricants are transferred into the bulk tanks. The filtration system is further enhanced with dispensing filters at each of the dispensing points for diesel and lubricants; this reduces contaminant ingress into machines and ensures a longer lifespan of the mining fleet, less downtime and lower maintenance costs for the vehicles using the diesel and lubricants.

The cleanliness of the fuel and lubricants is measured according to ISO4406. Initial samples taken after the installation of the system showed fantastic results which are illustrated below. These results will improve as contamination from the manufacturing and installation process is filtered out of the system.

Initial System Cleanliness levels:

LDV Diesel dispensing after the filter – ISO Code 15/12/08
HMV Diesel dispensing after the filter – ISO Code 14/12/09
Hydraulic Oil SAE 10W dispensing after the filter – ISO Code 18/16/11
Transmission SAE50 dispensing after the filter – ISO Code 14/12/07
Engine SAE 50 dispensing after the filter – ISO Code 17/15/11

BHP Billiton was very satisfied with the initial results as there was already a significant improvement from prior to the installation.

Flosolve is proud to have delivered a quality solution suited to BHP Billiton’s strict requirements. Flosolve once again brings to the market a solution that is technically advanced, efficient and reliable.