FloSolve Customer Satisfaction

We conduct customer surveys to measure the customer satisfaction of FloSolve (Pty) Ltd.
We’d really like to find out how you, as a customer of FloSolve, rate our service and how we can improve in order to better serve you in the future.

Client Satisfaction Survey Form - January 2024 (#61)

1. Do you consider yourself a happy customer of FloSolve's?

1 Being extremely unhappy / 5 Being extremely happy

2. How satisfied are you with the speed of response to your enquiry?

3. Do we deliver within the required timeframes?

4. How satisfied are you with the product(s) purchased?

5. Are FloSolve staff knowledgeable and courteous?

6. How likely are you to:

7. Which product or training have you bought / attended recently?

Please share any comments, which could help us improve: