Does Your Service Truck Need an Upgrade?

Equipping a New Truck with Servicing Capabilities

From electricity generation to usage within the synthetic fuel industry, coal remains South Africa’s leading source of energy and a key driver to the country’s economy. It is therefore of vital importance that critical workhorse equipment remains in production.

Articulated Dump Trucks, Loaders and Graders are among the essential equipment used during coal operations. Equipment of this magnitude can be expensive to obtain, and owners naturally expect a healthy return on their investment.

For equipment to stay in operation, adequate service and maintenance are required. However, in demanding environments – such as a mine – removing a machine from the production line to an offsite service bay is not always possible and can be time-consuming. For this reason, mines would dispatch service trucks to attend to heavy machinery in the field.

Service trucks are at the core of any mining operation. With this in mind, FloSolve’s skilled technical team were tasked to equip a new truck with servicing capabilities, as the current service truck reached the end of its life cycle.

The service truck makes provision for engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant, by boasting large 1 000-litre capacity containers onboard. The five LD series Graco pumps connect each fluid to its designated Pall filter (complete with element and housing) before it is dispensed for use by heavy equipment. By ensuring the fluid undergoes filtration, contaminants and particles are removed which could be harmful to the machine’s engine and subsequently, compromise the lifespan of its vital components. The Pall filters offer added peace of mind, by producing sustained fluid cleanliness over the life of the filter.

To uphold the mine’s value for safety, Graco’s Husky 1050 Double Diaphragm pump and XD series hose reels are trusted for their durable design and quality. Graco’s retractable XD series hose reels were skilfully mounted onto a drip tray, for the prevention of drips and leaks onto the ground which could result in unsafe working conditions. For the safe evacuation of waste oil, the service truck sports the Graco Husky 1050 Double Diaphragm pump for the efficient drainage, evacuation, and transfer of used oil.

When selecting equipment, an important consideration is whether it will increase the machine’s running time and productivity.

Project Details


September 2021


Coal Mine


Specialised equipment (service truck)

 Mines can expect a cleaner oil and coolant supply to its heavy mining equipment, which in turn results in increased equipment reliability and availability. Hence, the Graco Fire-Ball 425 pump (which is known for its field-proven reliability) was installed for use in grease applications.

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Extend machine uptime in the toughest environments.

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The mine used the following products


Graco Fireball 425 Pump

Husky 1050 Pump

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