Does Your Lubrication Station Need an Upgrade?

Refurbishment of a Lubrication Station

From Articulated Dump Trucks to Tyre Dozers, earth moving equipment is essential to any coal mining operation. These mammoth machines not only require significant investment to acquire, but they also need to be well-maintained and serviced regularly.

Well-maintained machines are at the core of any profitable mine. However, apart from solely focusing on preventative maintenance for earth moving machines, one also needs to consider the condition of the equipment that is used to successfully conduct a service on mobile plant.

For Water Bowsers, Diesel Bowsers, Graders, and Loaders to stay in operation, these essential machines are sent to the mining workshop for servicing. Since downtime has a direct impact on the bottom line, the aim is to ensure the machines return to the production line as soon as possible. For this reason, machines need to be serviced fast, efficiently, and safely.

With this in mind, FloSolve’s skilled technical team were tasked to refurbish a lubrication station, as the current station was dated and inoperable. The station stores six hose reels, which makes provision for grease, diff oil, engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant. To safeguard the hoses against the harsh mining elements, the hose reels are safely enclosed within a “cabinet” and visibly labelled. By clearly marking all equipment and fluids, the mine’s service operators can ensure that the correct fluid is used in the correct application.

This results in an added safety precaution to the mining workshop!

Not only can using the incorrect fluid damage machinery, but it can also result in expensive repairs and even fluid wastage. In demanding environments – such as a mine – every drop of fluid counts and every drop cost money. The fixed meter offers added peace of mind, by counting every drop of fluid that is used during the service of a machine. Service operators are able to see in real-time, the amount of oil that is being dispensed into a machine and thereby reduce potential product wastage costs. To uphold the mine’s value for safety, the lubrication station also features a large drip tray, which is skilfully placed below the fluid dispense guns, to prevent drips and leaks onto the ground which could result in unsafe working conditions.

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July 2022


Coal Mine


Specialised equipment (lubrication station)

Mines can expect to maintain and service machines in their mining workshops more efficiently and hassle-free, which in turn results in less downtime and increased equipment reliability.

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