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Refurbishment of an old Diesel Bowser

The Challenge
The Diamond Mine required refurbishment of their old Diesel Bowser and FloSolve was awarded the contract to upgrade the Diesel Bowser to meet the mine’s demand for cleaner fuel supply to heavy mining equipment to increase equipment reliability and availability.

Initiative Summary
The expected outcome was a serviceable diesel bowser truck with a clean and sealed tank, effective diesel receipt and dispensing systems fitted with metering and superior filtration equipment to provide the client with above normal clean diesel in a single pass configuration. FloSolve included hydraulically driven pumping functions for their efficiency and low maintenance.

The mine delivered the diesel bowser to FloSolve works in Midvaal Gauteng. The diesel tank was cleaned and refurbished to the mine’s requirements. Aged pumping equipment was replaced with state of the art Wiggins refuelling equipment, Graco fuel dispensing equipment and Pall filtration equipment. All work was carried out at FloSolve works in Midvaal by our team of qualified technical staff and overseen by our resident engineer to ISO 9000 Quality System Processes.

The refurbishment resulted in a more efficient diesel truck with improved diesel dispensing capabilities to the mine operations. The truck is now able to deliver clean diesel fuel to heavy mining equipment and light vehicles at reduced refuelling times.
Diesel fuel is now dispensed at low cleanliness counts (ISO 15/13/10) and thereby increasing equipment availability and reducing fuel injection system component failures. FloSolve also warrants that the equipment will perform to its intended purposes for the 12-month warranty period and beyond.

Success Factors
FloSolve believes that the mine’s drive to reduce equipment failures and improve equipment availability, coupled to the superior quality of the Wiggins, Pall and Graco components will ensure that these initiatives are met.

Project Details


September 5th, 2018


Diamond Mine


Service Truck

Project Gallery

Diesel Bowser
Diesel Bowser
Diesel Bowser Wiggins
Diesel Bowser Graco

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