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Diesel Dispensing Equipment on Diesel Bowser for Glencore Izimbiwa Coal Graspan

Glencore Izimbiwa Coal are focused on running a profitable business in a safe, efficient, responsible and sustainable manner.  Their coal is used in power generation, steel making and industrial processes.

Mobile fuel trucks or diesel bowsers are widely used to allow for the efficient refuelling of fixed plant machinery as well as providing refuelling facilities to equipment that is operating in remote areas, where it is not practical or cost-effective to use fixed refuelling infrastructure.

FloSolve recently refurbished a diesel bowser for Glencore Izimbiwa Coal. The diesel bowser was fitted with a Wiggins Non-Pressurised fuelling system ZZ9A1 and ZVA splash fill nozzles, Graco XD50 hose reels and Pall element and Sample points.

Glencore Izimbiwa were faced with ongoing challenges of overfilling, fuel spillages and the resulting environmental issues. Filtration was not being maintained or measured on the diesel bowsers.

The FloSolve equipment supplied and installed had the task of achieving diesel savings by reducing spillages and ensure the environmental issues were eliminated. The Wiggins system is a fully self-contained system with automatic shutoff, which cannot be overridden. This eliminates overfilling and spills resulting in a positive effect on the environment. The Wiggins nozzles allow for fast and clean fuel transfer resulting in increased diesel pump and injector life cycle as well as operating cost savings.

Efficiently installed solutions will ensure an increase in productivity. The Graco hose reel is conveniently located to allow for quick and easy dispensing of fluids. The hose reel is self-retracting ensuring that hoses are safely out of the way. This not only prevents accidents but if hoses are stored out of the way there is less chance vehicles can drive over hoses causing damage.

The Pall filtration solution installed offers a high wear particle removal rating with a Beta Ratio ßx(c) 2000. The Beta Ratio, or particle removal efficiency, should be on top of a business’ selection criteria when choosing filters.

Using elements with low Beta Ratios or poor efficiencies – even though the purchase price may be lower than an element with high Beta Ratios or good efficiencies – will inevitably result in much more costly system failures.

Particles generated as a result of abrasive wear are work-hardened; thus, they become harder than the parent surface. If these particles are not removed by proper filtration, they will recirculate and cause additional wear. This “chain reaction of wear” will continue and result in premature system component failure unless high-performance filtration is applied to break the chain.

The measuring and monitoring of diesel quality results in fewer breakdowns and downtime. Fluid Sample Points make regular monitoring easier. The most practical method for regularly testing fluid line systems is to place test point fittings at regular intervals throughout the system.  This allows for sampling at working pressure without disrupting the system’s operation and avoiding costly shutdowns.

The way a sample is collected, the accessories used, and procedures followed dictate how informative the oil sample will be and how beneficial the analysis will be. A cornerstone of any good oil analysis program is good sampling practices. Without quality sampling techniques and tools, most of the potential value of oil analysis is lost.

Overall, the refurbished diesel bowser will result in safer and more efficient fuelling.

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June 1st, 2019


Glencore Izimbiwa Coal Graspan


Dispensing Equipment – Diesel Bowser

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