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J.W. Speaker Lighting Trial on Lighting Tower

This proudly South African franchise offers top quality rental equipment to the construction, industrial, mining, farming and maintenance industries, since 1993. The company has since expanded to over 100 franchised stores throughout Southern Africa. Their extensive equipment for hire ranges from lighting towers to light duty compressors, available for hire.

Whether it be within the construction, industrial or mining industry, safety remains at the forefront of daily operations, and worksite lighting is no exception.

Lighting towers have become increasingly popular, due to its mobility and light coverage. It is commonly used in surface applications for the illumination of a worksite, although it may be used in various other applications. The lighting tower generally consists of several lights fitted onto a mast and attached to a power source – such as a generator.

Although the lighting tower is commonly used within mining or construction applications, it is not exclusive to these industries alone. Therefore, the application; light coverage and light intensity are among the essential factors to consider, when selecting a lighting tower. Based on the specific application, the use of high-pressure sodium bulbs or LEDs would also need to be taken into account.

All bulbs are not created equally, and a disadvantage commonly overlooked is the light’s energy consumption. In this case, one would need to investigate how much of the energy consumed is converted into heat, rather than visible light. It is, therefore, vitally important to consider the average lux as a measure of the light’s brightness.

All bulbs are not created equally

Together with the forward-thinking director and franchise owner, FloSolve implemented a lighting trial by installing a J.W. Speaker Model 623 Medium LED flood light to a lighting tower situated at the Kathu-based franchise.

The objective of the lighting trial was to measure and compare the J.W. Speaker Model 623 LED light with the current fitted OEM LED light, by conducting a comparative lux test. For both LED lights, a lux value was recorded at 50 meters from its source – by means of a LED Light Meter.

Lux can be defined as the perceived brightness of light on a surface. To establish whether a light meets the necessary illumination required for its application, a Lux Test is then used to measure the light’s intensity (lux).

The post-trial data indicated a lux reading of 13.85 recorded by the OEM’s LED Light and 23.60 lux recorded by the J.W. Speaker Model 623 Medium Flood LED Light. Based on the results, the Model 623 Light provided close to double the light intensity recorded at 50m from its source.

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January 2021


Equipment Hire Franchise


Lighting Trial on Lighting Tower

Boasting a bright, white light, the Model 623 high-output LED light is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring illumination. For added peace of mind, the Model 623 is fitted with a durable glass lens, in addition to sporting lower power consumption and no vehicle level electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Superior visibility, rugged durability, and unmatched longevity

Bearing in mind that lighting towers are primarily towed, whilst being susceptible to a vast number of applications, it makes sense to select a rugged LED Light designed to withstand shock and vibration.

While the initial purchase price is generally higher, a good LED light will provide superior visibility, rugged durability, and unmatched longevity – ultimately providing greater value.

The success of this trial is indeed a note-worthy testament to the quality of J.W. Speaker LED Lights and FloSolve’s technical capability.

The mine used the J.W. Speaker Model 623 Medium LED flood light

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