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J.W. Speaker “No-Go Zone” Lighting Solutions on Pit Pumps for Glencore Goedgevonden

At Glencore Goedgevonden the focus is on providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of their employees, while aiming for operational excellence.

In the mining industry safety is of utmost importance and improved visibility leads to improved safety. With safety as the key driving factor GGV decided to install the J.W. Speaker “No-Go Zone” lighting solutions on their pit pumps.

FloSolve is the sole authorised distributor of J.W. Speaker lighting solutions in Southern Africa and were proud to have assisted GGV with the supply and installation of the LED Safety Lights – Model 793.

The Model 793 is a whole new kind of “keep out” safety light, consisting of a high-powered LED light. This rugged lighting package, casts a red, blue or amber “Warning or No-Go Zone” onto the ground making the pit pumps visible from a distance. The J.W. Speaker lights are the industry’s only UL recognised safety lights.

These lighting solutions improve visibility, thus reducing the risk of accidents and damage to mine pumps and vehicles as well as keeping operators visible and safe.

These versatile warning lights can be installed on any moving or stationery machinery, they are ideal for mining applications with their rugged design, they are weather-proof and feature excellent thermal management.

For more information on the J.W. Speaker lighting solutions contact FloSolve on +27 (0) 11 389 5300 or

Project Details


August, 2019


Glencore Goedgevonden JV (GGV)


Lighting Solutions – Pit Pumps

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GGV used the J.W. Speaker Light Model 793

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