Are You Experiencing Re-occurring Air Filter Failures?

Installation of the CFT RAM Pre-filter System

Skid-steer loaders are exceptionally versatile and are commonly used for lifting, loading, moving, digging, and light excavation within a variety of applications. From construction and agriculture to industrial steel plants, it goes without saying that well-maintained skid-steer loaders are at the core of profitable operations and overall productivity.

Skid-steer loaders are, however, not immune to the conditions within which it operates. Since they require a combination of fuel and airflow to perform optimally, regular inspection of the air filter is essential. Although this may seem insignificant, a clogged air filter can wreak havoc on the internal components of the machine’s engine.

Consider the impact on a skid-steer loader within a steel plant, which uses silica as one of its main additives. Silica is a fine grain or dust that is used during the production of steel. As the skid-steer loader transports the silica, dust particles become airborne, and make its way into the loader’s intake air. Without proper maintenance of the air filter, contaminants can clog the filter over time. Once clogged, particles like silica, are no longer filtered out and therefore, make their way into the skid-steer loader’s engine and compromises its performance.

With this in mind, FloSolve’s skilled technical team were tasked to install the CFT RAM 100 pre-filter system on the skid-steer loader, as the customer experienced re-occurring air filter failures and/or blockages that required them to either clean or replace the air filter on a weekly basis. Having to replace an air filter that often not only impacts a business financially, but also brings production to a halt, since the skid-steer loader is placed out of service until installations are completed.

The CFT pre-filter is a collection of ultra-highly efficient vortex tubes stacked into an airtight chamber. The vortex tubes continuously remove the bulk of the intake dust.

The CFT pre-filter system was installed as an attachment to the existing engine air intake system, due to its ability to withstand high dust load situations encountered by skid-steer loaders. It is designed to filter out dirt and debris from intake air before it reaches the air filter and engine – thereby safeguarding equipment from dust ingress.

Since the CFT installation, no premature stoppages on this skid-steer loader were reported. Replacement of the air filter was only required during the scheduled service intervals.

Productivity and extended up-time are key in today’s economy. With the CFT pre-filter system installed, the steel plant can expect machine uptime and reduced air filter changes.

Project Details


January 2023


Steel Plant


CFT RAM 100 Pre-Filter System

Benefits of the
CFT RAM Pre-Filter System:

  • Extends the filter media life, which enables extended service intervals.
  • Reduces possible engine failures.
  • No moving parts in the pre-filter unit.

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This steel plant used the CFT RAM 100 Pre-Filter System

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