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Metal Forming & Body Assembly

Our high-performance automotive manufacturing filtration solutions are specifically engineered to help car manufacturers and premium suppliers achieve important goals; through filtration for hydraulic & lube systems, and in-plant processes.

  • Increase Equipment Uptime
  • Improve Equipment Reliability
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a specified level of hydraulic fluid cleanliness is critical to the reliability of components in the systems involved.

Pall filters and purifiers maximise machine uptime delivering optimum total cost reduction in production. Our unique capability to take responsibility for the cleanliness ‘inside the machine’ is extended by the use of diagnostic devices for both solid and liquid contamination for condition monitoring and pro-active maintenance.

Remove Varnish in Hydraulic Oils

Pall SUPRAdiscTM technology protects the hydraulic fluids from the effects of ‘varnish’ which can build progressively to severely damage system components such as servo valves, heat exchangers, etc…

Blank Wash
Prior to pressing, sheet metal is cleaned to ensure solid contaminants are removed and do not affect surface finish. Pall filters are used to maintain clean wash fluid as well as die lubes to avoid these costly defects.


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