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Wiggins Fuelling

The Wiggins Fast Fuelling range will enable you to do diesel fuelling as well as oil servicing on mining machines, diesel locomotives and Port or Marine handling equipment.

The Wiggins Fast Fuelling Range of products includes:

  • Wiggins Diesel pressurised fuelling systems
  • Wiggins Diesel non-pressurised fuelling systems
  • Wiggins Oil couplings for engines oil, transmission oil, differential oil, power steering, engine coolant and grease.
  • Wiggins Diesel Nozzles
  • Wiggins Fuel Receivers
  • Wiggins Tank Vents
  • Wiggins Tank Breathers

The Wiggins Fast fuelling system shuts off automatically on the diesel function and our flat face or flush oil couplings can be used for top up as well as waste oil evacuation.

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