Avoid unscheduled production losses by removing particulate and water contamination, improve end-product quality, and maximise output using
Pall’s On-Demand Filtration Rental Services for:

Control contamination on critical process assets, safeguard output, and improve end product quality.

Typical particle removal applications include:

  • Feed stocks to protect catalytic reactor beds
  • LPG, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel final products
  • Many other contaminated products that can be found in a variety of
    storage tanks in a plant
  • Amine (rich and lean)
  • Aromatic extraction solvents
  • Dehydration solvents
  • Sour water
  • Make-up water
  • Pre-filtration for liquid/liquid separations

The rental equipment fleet includes:

  • High Flow Particulate Filtration Systems for flows up to 2158 m3h
    (325,760 bbl/day)
  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescer filters for flows up to 672 m3h (101.000 bbl/day)
  • Mobile Dehydration Purifiers
  • Varnish’ removal systems
  • Diagnostic and monitoring equipment

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The Rental Fleet Consists of
2 distinct skid types

Liquid / Liquid coalescers remove water from final products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, LPG and separating water from refinery intermediates. These technologies help prevent fouling and minimise downtime while improving final product quality.

Our High Flow Particulate Filtration Systems are proven to efficiently and reliably remove contaminants from a wide range of process and product streams.

Both can be installed quickly for emergency upsets or used to reach longer-term product quality improvements or schedules for use in short or long-term rental requirements when CAPEX restrictions may prevent purchase.

CASE STUDY: PRO Services in Action!

Amine TSS reduced below 10 mg/l after 3 weeks of filtration,
foaming eliminated Return of the AGRU back to full production
capacity Economical Benefits: Cost avoidance > $1M

Which Pro Services Rental Fleet is the correct one for you?

High Flow Rental Simplex Skid
up to 200 m3/h (30,000 bbl/day)

High Flow Rental Simplex Skid
up to 2158 m3/h (325,760 bbl/day)

Liquid/Liquid Coalescer Rental Skid
up to 672 m3/h (101.000 bbl/day)

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