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Your Partner in Total Fluid Management

FloSolve assists to facilitate large industries in moving fuels and lubricants from their large storage tanks, through various pipes, tanks, pumps, and filters to the point of use without the liquid being contaminated.

FloSolve’s magic mix comprises our:

  • Branded products – world proven solutions
  • Engineering expertise
  • Extensive Southern African support network

We offer a range of Services from filtration design, construction, and upgrades to associated preventative maintenance programs. We are also the approved OEM distributor for the following products:

  • Graco Lubrication Equipment
  • Wiggins Fast Fuel Systems
  • Pall Filtrations Systems
  • J.W. Speaker Lighting Solutions
  • Nezrotek Centrifugal Filtration Technology

From fuelling to lubrication, filtration and lighting solutions; we’ve got you covered!

Maintenance Contracts

FloSolve carries out preventative repair and maintenance contracts on site to all products and systems that we supply to market.

System Design

In-house system design is done for plant applications on all our product ranges that we offer i.e. centralized greasing systems, filtration systems, fast fuel service systems, integrated camera, radar & digital video recording systems as well as lube dispensing & waste oil evacuation systems.

System Installations & Upgrades

Our highly trained technical staff will not only install our products but also conduct technical surveys and complete site and equipment upgrades to the latest industry and OEM required standards.

Service Exchange Programs

Various product exchange programs can be offered to meet the customer’s specific production and service needs. This can vary from new, rebuilt or pre-owned equipment – depending on customer’s financial requirements.

Rental Options

FloSolve has partnered with Investec For Business to offer you easier to afford payment options. No impact on your cash flow, conserve cash to invest in appreciating assets.

Customer Training

FloSolve delivers various customer training programs geared towards obtaining the maximum value and insight on FloSolve’s range of products and services.

  • Repair & Maintenance Training
  • Technical Product Training
  • “Trouble Shooting” Training
  • Graco University
  • Learnerships
  • Webinars

FloSolve proudly provides the following Merseta accredited training programmes:

  • Filtration Training
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Pulse Fluid Management

Discover Graco Pulse solutions for controlling and managing bulk fluids in diverse applications.

Fluid management is about solving the “five W’s” concerning your fluid inventory – track who performed a fluid dispense; what quantity of specific fluid was dispensed; where in the facility the oil or fluid dispense took place; when it occurred and why.

Pulse™ Fluid Management is the latest offer from Graco – breaking the bounds of traditional fluid inventory control. It offers advanced wireless technology equipment to dispense and track bulk fluids, capture analytics and automate reports so technicians and service shop managers can access and share critical data to drive efficiency and profitability.

A bulk oil fluid management system will help you improve your operational efficiencies by giving you the ability to closely monitor your day-to-day oil consumption while keeping an eye on bulk oil inventory control. Bulk oil tracking is essential if you’re overseeing a vehicle service center for cars, heavy trucks or even heavy equipment.

Note: Pulse is not diesel certified

How Pulse systems work

Pulse FC and Pulse Pro are built on the same core technologies and leverage smart meters. Both provide accurate, reliable fluid dispense accountability for a wide range of customers and applications. Both offer fast, cost-efficient and convenient wire-free installation and operation. Pulse FC can be upgraded to Pulse Pro with the addition of the Pulse Pro meter bezel and Pulse Hub for automated work order pairing, DMS integration and customised reporting that can be shared quickly – even on personal mobile devices

Optimize your workflow with Pulse solutions

Graco leads the industry with wire-free and PC-based solutions in a bulk oil fluid management system. Our range of equipment gives service operators the flexibility to customize and configure their Pulse solution based on workshop needs and priorities.

Whether you simply want improved accuracy and control of fluid dispenses or a more sophisticated report-based solution to track and mange bulk fluids in real-time; with your system in place, you’ll always have the information you need to order the right amount of oil at the right time.

Make efficiency your differentiator

DMS Integration

Pulse is programmed for data sharing with popular enterprise resource planner (ERP) and dealership-data management systems like R&R, etc.

Pulse Systems

Pulse® FC Fluid Control System

Pulse® Pro Fluid Management System


For more information or a quotation on Pulse Solutions speak to one of our experts 011 389 5300 or

Graco Lubrication Equipment Selector Tool

Now available: selector tool for yellow iron automatic lubrication kits

The new Yellow Iron Kit selector tool simplifies how you find out which set is compatible with your off-road industrial machinery and replaces the lengthy bill of material. You only have to select your equipment specifications in the menu and the selector tool will do the rest. It returns an all-inclusive kit with a pump and a valve package part number along with a downloadable manual.

The new yellow iron kits are equipped with the latest technology, including the G-Series pumps, solid-state proximity switches, CSP divider valves, and hose and fittings. Each kit contains all of the components necessary for model-specific customisation.

For more information speak to one of our experts 011 389 5300 or

Your A-Z Solutions Provider

Graco Product Training is excited to announce the global launch of a new, cost-effective way to provide fast, up-to-the-minute product training to all Graco sales and distribution partners. The new platform, Graco University, replaces Graco Online Training (GOT).

You’ll find this new training platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn Graco University is another value-add that will help increase sales and productivity by significantly shortening the learning curve for training participants, accelerating the sales cycle and supporting new product sales goals. In addition, Graco University will help drive profitability through its mobile friendly, centralized training platform in multiple languages.

To register for Graco University:

1. Visit and complete the registration page
2. Click the Catalogue tab and search for your class by product name in the search box
3. Click Register button
4. Click My Learning tab and then click the Launch button

Apart from Graco University, FloSolve’s suite of customer training includes:

  • Webinars
  • Technical Product Training
  • Repair and Maintenance Training
  • “Trouble Shooting” Training

Why use Rental Funding?

FloSolve offer you easier to afford payment options.

Explore your options:

No Deposit

No impact on your cash flow, conserve cash to invest in appreciating assets.

Off Balance Sheet

A rental finance service keeps all equipment assets with little intrinsic value off your balance sheet – avoiding the negativity of high gearing or high debt related to equity capital.


We take care of all credit facility applications and paperwork requirements.

Specialized Equipment

Asset funding transactions involving specialized or unusual equipment or machinery.

Rental Facility

Use overdraft and bank lines for other needs.

Trusted Partners

FloSolve is proud to have best of brands, world-leading technology, and local expertise to serve you!

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