Vehicle lighting plays an essential role in protecting operators
and pedestrians from the potential dangers of moving machinery.
The innovative Model 529 LED Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety
Light is the ideal solution for identifying dangerous areas on
construction and mining job sites.


J.W. Speaker’s Model 529 LED Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety Light will create a safety zone whenever and wherever you need it. This light projects a long red line to designate unsafe areas for workers and pedestrians, functioning as a new safety zone warning and indicator light.

As a durable and efficient LED light, the Model 529 reaches maximum intensity faster than incandescent counterparts, giving workers and pedestrians more time to react and make necessary adjustments to avoid accidents.

For added eye-catching visibility, use in flash mode. Operating at one flash per second, this light is guaranteed to provide bright light that commands the attention of those around you.

Complete with mounting bracket, this light is ready to take on the harshest environments. As a result, occupational safety plus operator comfort and convenience are significantly improved, preventing workplace accidents.

The rugged design on the Model 529 LED Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety Light projects a highly visible red safety strip of light that creates a Keep Out Zone to keep workers, pedestrians, and other vehicles at a safe distance.

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  • 12-24V DC
  • 2 year warranty
  • IP67, IP69K & ECE Reg. 10 compliance standards
  • 3-pin deutsche connection
  • Pedestal mount for vehicles or stationary objects
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel mounting bracket and durable polycarbonate lens
  • Solid optics for solid performance
  • Optional flashing sequence: 1 flash / second

Article Sourced from: J.W. Speaker Corporation