Unplanned maintenance costs – and the problems they bring – often are the result of inadequate or inconsistent lubrication. One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate unplanned maintenance costs is to invest in automatic lubrication systems.

In a time of tight budgets, the last thing you need to deal with is unplanned maintenance costs. These unplanned costs not only take a toll on your budget, but can also result in vehicles not being available when you need them, potentially causing delays and disrupting work schedules.

Automatic Lubrication Systems:

Deliver precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals to every critical lube point, including those that are difficult to reach.

Operate while equipment is in use to provide timely, consistent lubrication that protects your equipment and extends its life.

Maximize equipment performance while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Minimize other costs associated with
unplanned equipment downtime.

By delivering the correct amount of lubrication at the right place and at the right time, problems associated with under-lubrication and over-lubrication are eliminated. While the negative effects of under-lubrication are well known, over-lubrication also has its costs, including wasted lubricant, unnecessary labour costs and excessive heat build-up.

Auto lubrication ensures proper lubrication regardless of temperature and weather conditions, reducing maintenance costs. It also improves employee safety and reduces the risk of injury by eliminating the need for employees to regularly lubricate hard-to-reach points.

Look for a durable, long-lasting auto lubrication system that will provide consistent and reliable lubrication for the life of your vehicle. It’s also helpful to consider the total cost of ownership, rather than just the purchase price. A well-engineered system may have a higher initial cost yet provide better value throughout its life due to lower system operating, repair and maintenance costs.

When comparing manufacturers, ask if they have experience not only with auto lubrication systems but also with pumps and dispense valves to ensure you’re getting systems that will meet the needs of the variety of vehicles in your inventory.

Be wary of manufacturers that offer a “one size fits all” solution or promise a system that uses less lubricant than competitive systems. Using less lubricant may save you money, but only at the very real risk of under lubrication, unplanned maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Any auto lube system needs to provide adequate amounts of lubricant to keep your vehicles operating safely and efficiently – or clearly it’s no bargain.

You can learn a lot by examining system components from various manufacturers. Where are they made? Are they built for dependability with quality in mind, or are they made with lowest cost as the primary objective? Also ask about warranties, not only for components but also for potential vehicle damages due to lubrication system failure.

Carefully choosing an auto lube system built by an experienced manufacturer that will stand behind its products will help you avoid unplanned maintenance costs. A well-designed and engineered auto lube system will also ensure your vehicles are safe and well maintained for years to come.

Article sourced from: Graco