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Heavy Equipment Lubrication

Every bearing, regardless of size or location, needs to be lubricated properly. Improper lubrication will result in high, yet unnecessary costs for the operation. Some of the direct costs resulting from improper lubrication include replacement bearings, labour for replacements and repair, excess lubricant and labour for inefficient manual practice. Some of the indirect, but very real costs are downtime or lost production; product spoilage due to excess lubricant; environmental, safety or housekeeping issues; and excess energy consumption.

Maintaining proper lubrication on production equipment reduces the number of breakdowns due to bearing failure.

Automatic Lubrication Equipment including the Graco G1 and G3 pumps.

Graco’s automatic lubrication equipment ensure that your machinery is lubricated when it’s needed most – while it’s working, ideally suited for both on-road and off-road vehicles.

Graco also offer the Dyna-Star range of products for heavy duty automatic lubrication.

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