Are You Experiencing Lubrication-Related Downtime?

Installation of an Automatic Lubrication System

Mines require constructed roads for the efficient transportation of bulk materials. It, therefore, goes without saying that well-maintained haul roads are at the core of profitable mining operations and overall productivity.

Graders are commonly used on mining sites to construct and restore the driving surface of the mine’s roads. By flattening and maintaining the surface, the grader removes any irregularities from the road which could damage heavy equipment, increase tyre wear, and compromise its lifespan. Dump trucks, draglines, and drills can therefore safely navigate the mine’s surface without the damaging effects caused by potholes and bumps.

Graders are, however, not immune to the tough environmental conditions within which it operates. These machines, like other heavy equipment, require frequent lubrication of its pin bushings to remain operational. Without proper lubrication of the grader’s lube points, the machine’s grease fittings may become clogged due to contamination or worse – excessive machine damage from worn pin bushings. If only the bushing is damaged, the pin and bushing set may need to be replaced.

However, replacing a worn pin of a CAT 24M grader is no easy task. Not only is it time-consuming, but the grader is also placed out of service until repairs are completed, which results in productivity downtime. Aside from facing costly downtime, mines also cannot escape the repair costs for line boring or welding, in the event of structural damage due to a severely worn pin.

With this in mind, FloSolve’s skilled technical team were tasked to install an automatic lubrication system on a mine’s CAT 24M grader, as the mine experienced excessive lubrication-related downtime, as well as bearing, pin, and bush failures on their grader. FloSolve installed the Graco Electric Dyna-Star Pump (27kg), complete with a GLC 2200 controller and GL-1 injectors.

The Graco Electric Dyna-Star Pump (EDS) was designed with heavy-duty applications in mind. 

The EDS pump provides continuous lube replenishment, thereby assisting the mine to reduce expensive component failures. The GLC 2200 controller provides added peace of mind by alerting equipment operators of failures and low lubrication levels.

As part of the automatic lubrication system for this specific grader, FloSolve installed 54 GL-1 injectors, complete with manifolds and all mainlines and auxiliary hoses.

Graco GL-1 injectors are guaranteed for 100 000 cycles, which is three times more than our nearest competitor. 

Graco’s GL-1 injectors consistently dispense an accurate amount of lubricant to each lube point on the grader, with the help of mainlines and hoses. The hoses transport the lubricant from the Electric Dyna-Star reservoir to the metering device, bearings, and other vital parts of the grader.

Productivity and extended up-time are key in today’s economy. With a Graco automatic lubrication system installed, the mine can expect an increased component life cycle and machine uptime.

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June 2022




Automatic Lubrication System

Benefits of a Graco Automatic
Lubrication System:

  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Reduced labour and maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Safer and healthier working conditions
  • Reduced consumption of lubricant
  • Environmental improvements

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This mine used the Electric Dyna-Star Automatic Lube System


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