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Diesel Engine Applications

Heavy equipment engines may be massive and powerful, but all it takes is a teaspoon of dust to ruin one. The environment in which equipment resides can greatly affect its efficiency, its lifespan, and its ability to operate properly, our CFT systems protect your machinery against the potentially damaging effect of dust.

Benefits Of The CFT Pre-filter

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Removes 93% of impurities from air intake before it reaches the air filter
  • Extends air filter elements life by 4 to 6 times
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Prolongs engine and turbocharger life Improves fuel efficiency
  • Requires almost no maintenance


  • Pre-filter systems for heavy equipment
  • Pre-filter systems for light-duty vehicles

How Does It Work?

The pre-filter is an array of ultra-high efficiency, high packing density vortex tubes stacked into an airtight chamber and fitted with an exhaust venturi scavenge system. The vortex tubes continuously remove the bulk of the intake dust down to micron size particles. The result is media filter-elements that last up to 9 times longer.


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