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On-Road Lubrication

Automatically Lubricate Your Chassis While You’re Working.

Graco’s onboard lubrication systems deliver small amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals, ensuring that your vital chassis components have an optimal grease film at all times.

We offer a complete range of products for a variety of on-road vehicles:
• Trucks and tractors
• Intermediate–sized trucks
• Trailers
• Speciality vehicles

Automatic Lubrication Saves You Time and Money! Stay out of the Shop and on the Road.

Increase Up Time and Profitability

  • Stay on the road making money instead of spending time in the shop
  • Cut down on unplanned component failure and repair time

Extend Equipment Component Life

  • Equipment runs smoother and lasts longer when properly and frequently lubricated
  • No more guessing if the mechanic found and lubricated each point

Save Time and Lower Operating Costs

  • Reduce shop maintenance hours by eliminating manual greasing
  • No more chassis lube scheduling hassles
  • Reduce replacement part and labor costs

Graco’s Automatic Lubrication Systems include the Graco Grease Jockey for On-Road Lubrication Solutions.

The Graco Grease Jockey Automatic Lubrication System fits most OEM on-road vehicles. Applications include on-road lubrication and single line parallel lubrication.


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