PFD Breathers


  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves system performance
  • Provides optimum protection against water
  • Eliminate desiccant poisoning by oil vapor



The PFD can be applied to hydraulic fluid reservoirs, fuel tank systems, gear lube oil systems, and other vented systems.

Proven in the field, Pall’s PFD reservoir vent filter/dryer reduces operating costs and improves system performance.

  • 1µm solid particulate removal rating
  • Isolation valve system
  • Sight window
  • Spin-on replacement filter canister

Provides optimum protection against water and particulate ingression into vented fluid systems.
Isolation valve system ensures only air entering the reservoir is directed to the PFD, resulting in longer life. Also, reverse flow through the filter/dryer is prevented, eliminating desiccant poisoning by oil vapor.


  • Temperature Range             –65°F to 180°F (–54°C to 82°C)
  • Filtration Rating:                  1 micron in air
  • Mounting:                               The unit must be mounted vertically for proper operation

A maximum air flow of 7 SCFM is recommended, equivalent to 52 gpm air displaced in the reservoir. For hydraulic systems, this flow (in SCFM) can be estimated by measuring the most rapid change in the fluid level of the reservoir (feet per min) times the length and width of the reservoir.

Service life is a function of relative humidity and the amount of air breathed into the reservoir. For applications without hydraulic cylinders, temperature swings will create a breathing effect. Assume 2% of the air volume in the reservoir is exchanged for every 10°F swing in temperature. The chart can be used to determine for how many of these “cycles” the PFD will last. For hydraulic systems also determine the amount of air breathed in by measuring the total changes in fluid level over a typical operational cycle.


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