HNP022 Purifier

HNP022 Purifier

The HNP Oil purifier is designed to reduce and maintain the water content in a fluid system to below the saturation level of the system fluid.

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The Pall HNP022 purifier solves the problem and unlike centrifuges and coalescers, it removes both free and dissolved water and gases.

Features – Water, Gas and Particulate Removal

  • The HNP fluid conditioning purifier removes:
  • 100 % free water and as much as 90 % of dissolved water.
  • 100 % of free and entrained gases and up to 80 % dissolved gases
  • Fine particulate, using a high-performance filter element
  • Simple automated operation In-built water sensor
  • Fully portable for multiple site application

Benefits – Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • High-performance water, gas, and particulate removal lead to:
    • Extension of fluid service life
    • Minimized corrosion within systems
    • Reduced fluid disposal
    • Low operating costs
    • Increased equipment reliability

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