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Lubrication For Bushes, Bearings & Sliding Surfaces

For Simple, Injector-based Automatic Lubrication Systems.

Need a better way to lubricate? Meet your LubePro.
As a hard-working professional focused on ensuring your production lines keep moving and your operating costs are reduced, automatic lubrication should be an essential part of your machine maintenance. Without proper lubrication, your equipment can suffer from downtime and reduced life, which impacts your company’s bottom line. Avoid the hassle with LubePro.

Built to Last. Built to Perform.
LubePro series pumps offer a robust solution where high output and fast lubrication cycles and flow rates are needed to optimally lubricate equipment while it’s working. Our robust design has been tested to outperform the competition.

Graco lubrication systems apply the correct amount of lubrication in the right place at the right time.

Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line
LubePro™ is the choice of lubrication professionals because it has a positive impact on your company’s bottom line by automatically providing the ideal amount of lubrication at the right time.

• Extend equipment life
• Improve productivity
• Reduce downtime
• Reduce repair costs
• Reduce operating costs
• Improve employee safety

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